Paine Si Vin

Actor Ion Brezoianu 4, Palatul Parlamentului, București

Preț Moderat

Acest local nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Paine Si Vin nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Împarte. Împreună.

Faptele și gusturile importante sunt adesea simple. Nu lasă loc de vorbe goale. Cer prieteni pentru a fi povestite și familie pentru a fi duse mai departe.

Pâine și Vin este bucuria de-ai pune pe ai tăi la aceeași masă, este locul unde-ți vin cuvintele care-ți stăteau pe limbă: cald, sincer, iute, blând, tihnă, sfat. Haide să spunem gusturilor pe nume! Împreună.

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Luni - Joi
17:00 - 01:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
17:00 - 04:00
17:00 - 01:00


Păreri despre "Paine Si Vin"

Ellie Joy P.
7 octombrie 2018 14:03

Not a “special date” restaurant, but such a wonderful, lively, informal place, perfect to hang around and catch up with friends, while enjoying some of the most delicious bites! Yummy bread and olives appetizer. Amazing flatbreads! Everything they serve is super savory, fresh and tasty! Great WINES too! Good service, ready to help you find what you would enjoy the most. Would return every chance I get.
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mihnea ghildus
5 octombrie 2018 13:38

One of my new favorite places in Bucharest. It’s cozy, the food is good and the wine exceptional. The service is also impeccable and even though there is a no-reservation policy, you usually don’t have to wait longer than 20 minutes for a table to be available.
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Monika Szatkowska
24 august 2018 11:08

Very nice place to spend the evening. Really tasty food, good quality bread and large choice of local wine. The interior is cozy, service was outstanding. Prices are adequate to quality. I wholeheartedly recommend this place for everyone who wants to have a pleasant evening and try some Romanian wine.
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Steffani Cameron
12 august 2018 16:44

I loved this place. The pizza was terrific, but a little too much char on the crust. The wine list is comprehensive and the servers know what to recommend. The music is a bit loud but at least it’s good. Prices are reasonable.
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4 noiembrie 2018 07:10

would be a nice place if the music wasn't a bit too loud. plates designed based on the "less is more" principle. checks the other way around
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