Paine Si Vin

Actor Ion Brezoianu 4, Palatul Parlamentului, București

Preț Moderat

Acest local nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Paine Si Vin nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Împarte. Împreună.

Faptele și gusturile importante sunt adesea simple. Nu lasă loc de vorbe goale. Cer prieteni pentru a fi povestite și familie pentru a fi duse mai departe.

Pâine și Vin este bucuria de-ai pune pe ai tăi la aceeași masă, este locul unde-ți vin cuvintele care-ți stăteau pe limbă: cald, sincer, iute, blând, tihnă, sfat. Haide să spunem gusturilor pe nume! Împreună.

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Luni - Joi
17:00 - 01:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
17:00 - 04:00
17:00 - 01:00


Păreri despre "Paine Si Vin"

Vlad B
27 ianuarie 2019 19:46

Beautiful location, superbly designed.
Delicious food and diverse menu. Makes you feel happy.

Bad attitude from the waitress. There was some weird residue in my wine glass and when I pointed it out to her she responded that maybe I put it there...
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Marius Ursulescu
23 decembrie 2018 09:31

An excellent place that's so nicely furnished and with great food. Pizza is delicious.
Last but not the least, staff is warm and always there for when you need something. Waiting time is low even when the local is almost full...but I guess this depends on what you are ordering.
Prices are above average.
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Bogdan-Marian Ghiță
13 ianuarie 2019 13:25

Great atmosphere, great food, and lot of Romanian wines to choose from. Recommend this place for a local feeling with a twist. Lack of reservation policy is a minus since you have to wait 20-40 minutes to get a table.
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Dragos Ungureanu
3 ianuarie 2019 01:07

Good selection of wines and accompanying food. Staff knows the menu and can provide suggestions. Trendy setting (not my favourite thing though :)) but you might need to wait, there is no reservation service, and in Winter some places might be windy when doors open. A bit pricey but not outside the market.
Overall, a pleasant experience, will visit again surely
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Gwendydd Hardcastle
21 decembrie 2018 09:16

Lovely place that has chosen to do one thing and do it well. Nice light pizzas with interesting toppings and even managing to do a Romanian aubergine classic accompanied with interesting breads which bring out the flavour even more. The service and drinks are impeccable.
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