Actor Ion Brezoianu 4, Izvor, București
Energiea nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.

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Energiea nu acceptă rezervări online prin ialoc.ro.
Energiea este in egala masura un pub si hub urban unde poti testa o bucatarie contemporana sanatoasa.

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Luni - Vineri
12:00 - 00:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
15:00 - 00:00


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26 februarie 2020 22:33

Food is good. The location is a pub with some high tables and low ones. Nice vegan options.

The service is a bit weird. I've been brought the wrong order and got a bit of a critic from the waiter for the way I ordered. But they fixed the issues quite fast.

I recommend it.
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14 decembrie 2019 01:01

Cute place, nice vibe. I’m sorry to say the hummus did not do it for me and I’ve had myself many a hummus plate. Could be the overuse of carrots? I mean who likes carrots THAT much? And the bread...wow. I can’t believe they serve that. I know it’s supposed to be healthy but it’s also supposed to be edible if not delicious. I mean it’s BREAD. I go to places just for the bread sometimes. I think this place needs to take a serious look and taste at what they’re serving. This place was recommended to me so it has a good rep. I don’t know what happened.
I guess I’d go back and hope the rest of the menu is more enjoyable.
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7 februarie 2020 14:54

Cozy with helpful staff, fair prices, big tasteful plates, appropriate music selection and find decoration. I would totally suggest it either for a local or a traveler who wants to eat a good plate of food. Traditional tastes and great beverage potions. Also it is one of the restaurants to close later in the evening so it is a good option as a last available option for a proper dinner.
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4 februarie 2020 13:50

They serve good pub food, good drinks. If you drink beer i recommend their snacks. The price aren't cheap, but probably this is the reason for nice atmosphere, made by customers who spend nice time with friends! A price for a beer is 16lei (3.4euro).
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12 ianuarie 2020 05:35

Wonderful, busy, bustling restaurant with lots of good choices in wine, cocktails and food — comfortable and filled with a hip younger crowd as well as children and an occasional dog. Of course it is a bit noisy! That's part of the fun. Vibe, as many have noted. Very popular with locals and the servers really hustle to keep up with the crowd's requests. Very impressive Energy! I've enjoyed sitting at the bar and chatting with charming bartenders in English.
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