Madame Pogany

Strada Banul Antonache 40-44, Floreasca, București

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Madame Pogany este un concept urban modern a carui poveste a inceput in Octombrie 2010.

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Păreri despre "Madame Pogany"

Anca Abaza
24 aprilie 2017 18:32

I couldn't recommend this place wholeheartedly, however I would say you could give it a try. The interior is nice, urban and cool. The service is overall good.
The food could be delicious or horrible, depending on your luck. So in case you feel lucky, go here :).
Prices are what you would expect for a place in this area and understandable if the food is how it should be. If not, then... that's it
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Fluffy Fufarica
30 mai 2017 16:08

I simply love the food there. They've got great daily menus, and the service is impeccable, plus they have a cool terrace where you can unwind and enjoy a glass of ice cold wine 💗
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Andrei Popescu
21 mai 2017 00:04

Nice design and the people working there are ok, but the place is only good for drinks as the food is below average to say the least
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Diana Costache
1 iulie 2017 19:20

Great atmosphere, quiet, pricey
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Tudor Cristian Mărăşescu
18 noiembrie 2016 18:24

Awful experience.
All started with reservations made for a large group (10-12) but they did not inform us that half venue was already booked for a private event with no music.

Moving on: two dishes were sent back to kitchen as they were completely different from what was specified in the menu: pasta with vegetables spiced up with bacon, and plenty of it. Tough luck if you're vegetarian.
The risotto was nothing else than a tasteless boiled rice with some sepia ink to colour it. At least it was "al dente".
Grilled meat was delivered cold from the kitchen. The waiter was "kind" enough though to offer heating it, in a microwave oven most probably.
No excuses, no regrets.

Thus a really bad experience overall and I regret to have proposed the location. It changed a lot, and into something worse, from how it previously was.
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