Madame Pogany

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Strada Banul Antonache 40-44, Floreasca, București

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Madame Pogany este restobarul cochet de pe Strada Banul Antonache, din zona Floreasca, gândit pe un concept urban modern, a cărui poveste a început în Octombrie 2010, când sofisticata Madame Pogany și-a dorit pentru ea și prietenii ei cool un loc în care să armonizeze cu ușurință cele mai complicate gusturi cu cele mai simple nevoi.

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Păreri despre "Madame Pogany"

Valentin Pouget
21 august 2018 23:16

A nice restaurant in a good neighborhood, the food is tasty and there is plenty of choice.
The service is very professional and the experience is pleasant.
There is often live music, a singer playing guitar or piano in a smooth atmosphere.
There is plenty of drinks, among them good wine, cider, cocktail and much more to discover.
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Monica Teodorescu
4 aprilie 2018 14:07

Being placed in a rather secluded location,though not far from the center of Bucharest, does not bring disfavors for this fine restaurant. It has a cozy atmosphere, a young and friendly staff and an interesting taste in music. It should be mentioned that, during live performances, it can get a bit hard to communicate between people sitting at larger tables, but that is just a minor and personal complaint. Others may feel a different way. If we're talking about the food though, there is no question about how good it is. Also delicious is the selection of desserts, all of which are great to try. Prices are a bit on the higher end of the scale, but it is totally worth it considering the whole experience.
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Georgiana Huiban
13 iulie 2018 19:55

Amazing food and great service! My duck with pumpkin and cinnamon was perfect and my boyfriend's rabbit was the best he ever had :) Not to mention the cotton candy dessert, which was a dream! Even our dog was treated with water and attention (which is rare in Romania)!
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Dan Ialomiteanu
27 septembrie 2018 11:37

Lovely place, delicious food and very good service, plus the name is demanding this level as Brâncuși did with his famous statue
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Mihut Ionescu
16 iunie 2018 16:39

Bad service, disappointing food. I have been many times in the past here, but this place has gone down significantly.
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