Tasting Room by Ethic Wine

Puțul lui Zamfir 62, Floreasca, București

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Locul unde bucataria fusion, slow cooking, ingredientele de calitate, naturale, locale, sezoniere se intalnesc cu cele peste 800 de etichete de la Ethic Wine.

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C Camelia
20 octombrie 2017 16:05 Rezervat în data de 19 octombrie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Pateul de rata foarte bun, piept de rata super bine pregatit si vin foarte bun.Personal foarte amabil.Preturile sunt mari pentru portiile foarte mici.In rest foarte bine.

Andreea Nastase
29 iulie 2017 21:17

Disappointing service. Made a booking for a special occasion a week in advance and when we got there and tried to order, we discovered that they weren't serving half the menu. Apparently they were preparing to shut the day after to go on holiday, but no one told us half the menu wouldn't be available on the phone when we made the booking, or when we confirmed our reservation on the day. Offered no apology on the day and didn't seem sorry. Unacceptable.

Service was slow, food was good (the few dishes that were available), we weren't offered a dessert list after everyone was done eating, and they accidentally brought an opened wine bottle to the table instead of a fresh one.

We were offered a couple of antipasti dishes on the house, which helped a bit with the disappointment on the night but didn't go far enough.
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Cornel Ciocirlan
27 noiembrie 2017 03:31

Good selection and some hard to find wines. Davino Riserva 2011 is very nice.
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Daniel Stoicescu
28 noiembrie 2017 10:39

Great atmosphere. The personell could be better
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Green A Lot
6 noiembrie 2017 10:04

Good resto, cosy, good food but pricey
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Calin Niculescu
29 noiembrie 2017 11:58

Nice cozy atmosphere, good wine selection.
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