Grill Pub

Splaiul Independenței 296, Crângași, București

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GRILL PUB - Rocks - Bucura-te de Vama Veche in Bucuresti.

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Matija Vrtačnik
13 aprilie 2018 11:22

We visited this grill pub couple of times already. After each visit we were happy with food and services. All meals were prepared up to our satisfaction. There is a big garden outside and a lot of shadow.
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Sorin Moroianu
31 mai 2018 15:14

Frindly staff and a nice cosy place.
The staff is also very friendly here and the regular people attending this establishment lay out a general feeling like belonging to a family.
I have visited this place multiple times and attented New Year Events and Parties and I will continue to come here due to the atmosphere it relays and last but not least: The low cost and very tasty food
I recommend the Burgers and the "Pomana Porcului"
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Gabriel Luca
15 mai 2018 06:49

Good place to have a 🍺, but not to watch the game.
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magda ana
23 iunie 2018 00:54

Best place in town for karaoke friday
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24 octombrie 2017 20:00

Good food, decent prices. average setting.
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