Pub 18

4,6 / 6 voturi
Splaiul Independenței 290, Regie, București

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Primul pub din România. Din 1991.

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S Serban
23 aprilie 2019 07:53 Rezervat în data de 22 aprilie 2019 prin

Mancare super, atmosfera excelenta, un pub ca intre prieteni

Andrei Dumitru
16 aprilie 2019 19:26

A fun place to hangout with some friends, grab a bear and watch a game. Food choices are pretty limited, but quality is decent. The rating is lowered by the old furniture inside, and by the fact that it needs a bit of an update. Overall, just a decent Pub inside a student campus.
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Vlad Cojocaru
12 ianuarie 2019 08:53

Good food and beverages. Has a cozy feeling. The motto of the place is centered around friendship and sharing great moments with friends. The staff is great too.
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Stefan Bosch
2 martie 2019 15:50

Great place to hangout with friends. Their "Extra Taste" beer is quite nice. Great service.
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29 martie 2019 10:28

it is a good place for hanging out and just eating a pizza with your friends
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Alexandru Zaharia
7 martie 2019 08:24

Great place. Friendly staff, cheap and good food and drinks.
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