Pub 18

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Splaiul Independenței 290, Regie, București

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Primul pub din România. Din 1991.

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Vlad Cojocaru
12 ianuarie 2019 08:53

Good food and beverages. Has a cozy feeling. The motto of the place is centered around friendship and sharing great moments with friends. The staff is great too.
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Adrian Rîșnoveanu
15 octombrie 2018 18:13

A nice pub in the heart of Regie. The pizza here is pretty good, so are their grills. Not that much variety when it comes to beer. The place is usually crowded with students, but if you want to get something to eat, they also have delivery and takeaway services.
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Alin-Valentin Radulescu
9 octombrie 2018 09:47

Great placement. Great food. Nice menu design. Good food variety. Priced for students. Staff was nice.
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Păun Traian
13 ianuarie 2019 17:41

Excellent service, food, beverages and staff.
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Țuțuianu Corneliu
7 ianuarie 2019 09:08

Good food. The staff was a bit rude but overall it was a nice experience and a even nicer meal.
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