Grădina Eden

Calea Victoriei 107, Romană, București
Acest local nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Grădina Eden nu acceptă rezervări online prin


Luni - Vineri
16:00 - 03:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
12:00 - 03:00


Păreri despre "Grădina Eden"

Andrei Orasanu
30 martie 2019 12:27

Pretty nice place, they could work on making look less like a fake bohemian/out-in-the woods place and more like an actual bohemian garden. Having the tables and chairs extra-crowded and in rows, to pack the most people one can doesn't really scream 'relaxed attitude'
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Bogdan Neagoe
19 martie 2019 11:25

Perfect refugee in the summer. A little bit hidden so you can't really see it if you walk by the street (which is good), makes it quiter than other places. They do serve a decent amount of drinks and food. Overall it is a pretty sweet place to hang out with friends. Especially when it is very hot outside.
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Mihai Ghitu
7 aprilie 2019 15:18

Always liked this place. Cool place in the middle of Bucharest where you can spend hot summer evenings. At the bars you can either have beers or smoothies and sometimes there are even food vans.
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Cristina Grigore
1 martie 2019 14:16

My fav place in the summer, you have plenty of space to hide with your friends and feel as if you are in your personal garden. Very relaxing atmosphere. However the prices are going really high.
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Alex GxG Nãstase
17 martie 2019 15:11

Eden is divided in two areas, the lower one which you can access by walking down some stairs where it’s mostly like an open air night club and the upper one which is more chill and intimate, surrounded by flowers and trees, the atmosphere provided is excellent for a date.
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