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Grădina Eden

Calea Victoriei 107, Victoriei, București
Grădina Eden nu acceptă rezervări online prin


Luni - Vineri
16:00 - 03:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
12:00 - 03:00


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16 februarie 2020 19:44

Really good cocktails. Some of the best I have ever had let alone in Bucharest. Such an interesting and fun location too, if you can find it. Relatively quiet when we went on a cold Thursday night but I can only imagine the atmosphere in the summer.
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26 ianuarie 2020 12:50

An amazing place that you have to visit. It's amazing how hidden it is. You walk on the main avenue and suddenly you walk in a garden that you can't imagine that it's there. You walk around a building, you walk down some stairs and that's it. You can drink and eat and have fun with friends in a very cozy place. Have fun!
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23 noiembrie 2019 15:19

Hands down the best bar/club in all of Bucharest! The atmosphere is welcoming, warm, and feels a world away from the rest of the immediate city. A lush oasis of great texture, great drinks, friendly folks, and fantastic music! Not to be missed! It's easy to walk right by and not recognize this hidden gem. Cosmo is an incredible host and great guy!
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2 ianuarie 2020 12:58

The garden isn’t open during winter. But one can stay in the bar next to the club. Smokers may smoke outside under powerful warm lamps which is great during freezing winter nights. The place offers a great variety of quality drinks - alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The music is fantastic. The place is very stylish. I also find it amazing that the place is very well hidden from the busy Calea Victoriei. I recommend Gradina EDEN!
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13 februarie 2020 08:49

A great club/bar, that’s completely hidden away behind a stately building. A bit hipster, but the prices and atmosphere were good. Definitely a place I would recommend going, and a place I intend on visiting again.
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