Franceza 13, Centrul vechi, București

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Restaurant Finikia – lebanese cuisine, amplasat in centrul istoric al Bucurestiului pe Str. Franceza nr.13, inaugurat in 2009, ofera o ambianta deosebita, serviciul fiind prompt si atent, preparate delicioase facute dupa retete 100% traditional libaneze.

Puteti incepe cu o gama variata de aperitive, cele mai proaspete Meze pentru ca apoi sa urmeze produse la gratar sau mancaruri gatite.La noi gasiti, deasemenea, preparate exotice delicioase , cum ar fi Pastrama, Carnaciori sau Fille de Strut si puteti incheia cu cele mai populare deserturi libaneze sau relaxandu-va langa o narghilea traditionala.
Ambianta eleganta se asorteaza perfect cu culorile si miresmele imbietoare ale mancarurilor cunoscute in intreaga lume pentru rafinamentul si aroma lor.

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Păreri despre "Finikia"

Daniel Puig
24 septembrie 2018 17:07

The food was partially good (hummus and cold dishes where ok, but the lamp meat was really dry and overcook). I'm rating this low for probably the worst service we got on Rumania during our trip. The waiters didn't knew what they where doing we wait at least 30 minutes for 6 beers and at least and hour and a half for the food. The staff where rude to the point I asked for another beer while we where eating and the guy shouted at me "come on man 1st food and then drink". We had to ask to 3 different people to get a beer while they where all behind the bar and would not serve us. Literally there was one waiter kid checking his Instagram while a English woman was complaining about waiting two hours for her food and drinks. It is a shame that a potentially good place gets so down by a awful service. I would not recommend. After giving us a really bad service the guy come and tell us 10% service not included, I mean are you guys serious? The worst part is that the one asking seemed like the owner. Would not recommend to anyone.
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Sultan Alush
7 august 2018 12:45

very kind, good food reasonable prices. very authentic delicious food, cannot recommend enough.
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Aaron Shimmons
28 mai 2018 08:22

Great food & service. Only negative was the falafel. They were overdone and looks like they were from a packet.
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Silvie Bočková
8 august 2018 11:34

Good food. We have been waiting for the food more than 30 minutes.
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Serap Kahraman
10 septembrie 2018 21:12

Worst french fries. Lamb kebap is overcooked.
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