Franceza 13, Centrul Vechi, București

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Restaurant Finikia – lebanese cuisine, amplasat in centrul istoric al Bucurestiului pe Str. Franceza nr.13, inaugurat in 2009, ofera o ambianta deosebita, serviciul fiind prompt si atent, preparate delicioase facute dupa retete 100% traditional libaneze. Puteti incepe cu o gama variata de aperitive, cele mai proaspete Meze pentru ca apoi sa urmeze produse la gratar sau mancaruri gatite.La noi gasiti, deasemenea, preparate exotice delicioase , cum ar fi Pastrama, Carnaciori sau Fille de Strut si puteti incheia cu cele mai populare deserturi libaneze sau relaxandu-va langa o narghilea traditionala. Ambianta eleganta se asorteaza perfect cu culorile si miresmele imbietoare ale mancarurilor cunoscute in intreaga lume pentru rafinamentul si aroma lor.

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9 iunie 2020 22:44

It's definitely not a place if you're looking for cheap food, but the prices are well worth it, in my opinion. I've been here a few times. The serving is fast and courteous, the location is very accessible (very easy to find downtown). The ingredients all taste amazing and fresh, and you will not be able to get enough of the fresh hot pita bread! My favorite Lebanese restaurant so far!
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8 martie 2020 18:12

Delicious Lebanese food indeed! Not on the cheap side, but it is worth it. Compliments to the chef ! Definitely will go back
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22 iulie 2019 14:39

Not recommended. We went there in a group of four people. The food did not taste good at all, we were very disappointed.
The vegetables and the meat were black from the grill, you could not eat it. The chicken on the salad was so dry you could nearly not chew it. We waited for a long time for the food to come, no problem with that, but the quality was just disappointing and no good at all. Furthermore, the waiter was quite aggressive when we told him that we are not happy with the quality of the food. No answer on that from his side, just an aggressive behavior. He insisted twice quite aggressively on his tip as well. We cannot recommend this place at all.
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29 decembrie 2019 23:15

Very tasty food! Only 4 stars because the beer had a very strange taste (I couldn't drink it)
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28 decembrie 2019 16:54

The food is really good and the atmosphere is very warm. I totally recommend it for going out to eat with a loved one or with a bunch of friends, or both =)). Anyway, totally recommend it and go for it, you won't regret it.
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