Dodo Pizza

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Soseaua Virtutii 1E, Militari, București

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Dodo Pizza este o retea de pizzerii neobisnuite.

Bucataria pentru noi este Templul Curateniei - avem zeci de standarde de la bonete pentru personal pana la procedura spalarii si a dezinfectarii navetelor de aluat. Si niciodata nu ne plictisim sa le respectam, zi de zi.

Suntem deschisi: oricine poate vedea imagini live direct de camera web din bucatarie, organizam permanent excursii Clientilor nostri in toata pizzeria, orcine se poate convinge de conditiile noastre de lucru.

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7 septembrie 2018 23:10

nice clean place. pizza is super fresh. they throw away the slice variants after 1 hour
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Bob Nicolescu
17 octombrie 2018 16:21

Horrible place. Possible the most greasy pizza ever. Literally the box was drenched in grease to the point that it went through the bottom.
Slow unfriendly service, the girl at the counter seemed to be doing us a favour.
And to top everything expensive as hell.
Avoid this place at all cost, there must be a million other pizza spots in Bucharest that leave this place in the dust.
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Cristina Kulcsar
25 septembrie 2018 16:48

Nice place, good different pizza.
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Omer Tayfun
29 iulie 2018 16:14

Great staff and tasty pizza
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Romeo Bunescu
17 august 2018 00:01

The pizza is made on the spot from pizza dough and is cooked in a weird owen like the ones for toast bread in hotels. I would not reccomend it because the taste is very far from what a pizza should taste like. Tried once, but never again. It is a big difference compared with a pizza cooked in a real pizza wood owen.
People here are friendly and the athmosphere is nice. They have a small kids playground and board games you can borrow. Unfortunatelly for a pizza place, the most important thing, the pizza is not good at all.
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