Clubul Taranului Roman

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Monetariei 3, Aviatorilor, București

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Aici gasesti traditionalul imbinat cu urbanul.

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27 februarie 2019 15:25

Very good Romanian traditional food. Good prices. Good service.
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Michelle Power
30 decembrie 2018 18:25

Wouldn't take our request for two drinks at the bar, so we sat and waited to be served as they preferred. They gave us food menus then ignored us. I'd estimate about 5 customers to each member of staff, so they weren't exactly rushed. Hopeless service. Shame, as it had a nice atmosphere, and it would have made up for walking 3 miles to the closed museum (closed temporarily in 2016 but still showing as open in Google!)

All in all a frustrating waste of time, until we crossed the road to Gargantua and had great service, a much appreciated G&T in super stylish setting. Definitely the better option! 😃
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Daniel Lungu
16 aprilie 2019 15:58

Good Romanian food but limited drinks menu, service can be slowish, lots of cultural activities, live shows and movies screenings at their cinema
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Laura Gane
5 aprilie 2019 20:39

There's no service what so ever and more expencive day by day. I sat down at a table, my friend went to the bar to see what kind of drinks they had and the staff gave him the menus to take back to the table. After half an hour of looking around for a server, I wrote down the order and went to the bar and the server there said I should run after her colleague that was walking down the hallway. I ran, I caught someone else that said I should just take a sit and wait. I went, I sat, we waited to another 15 mins, nobody came, we went to a Springtime 😂
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Nicolae Hulea
23 martie 2019 07:09

Inside the "Peasant Museum" ... or the Villager's Museum it obviously comes with a variety of traditional foods as options. A nice and generous terrace to be enjoyed during summer, prices are affordable and considerable lower than similar in the area of Piata Victoriei.
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