Burger si Scoici

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Smardan 27, Centrul Vechi, București

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La baza conceptului Burger si Scoici, unic pe piata din Romania, sta un gratar special care functioneaza cu lemne si carbuni. Acesta este `centrul de interes` al restaurantului, iar clientii pot urmari live cum li se pregateste comanda. Gratarul are mai multe zone pentru gatit, astfel aici se pregatesc atat Burgerii cat si Scoicile.

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I Irina
23 martie 2018 11:04 Rezervat în data de 22 martie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Din păcate mâncarea nu este deloc spectaculoasă, chiflele burgerilor au fost reci, cartofii cu usturoi au venit fără usturoi, scoicile aveau gust de mâl, iar un cocktail a fost făcut cu vodcă în loc de rom.

A Adina
15 iunie 2017 11:03 Rezervat în data de 8 iunie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Aveam asteptari mari atat de la mancare cat si de la locatie in sine... dar nimic wow- muzica in interior era data foarte tare (abia auzeai ce zice persoana din fata ta) burgerul - raportul pret/calitate este ok, dar am mancat mult mai bune si mai interesante, la acelasi pret, iar cartofii erau prea uleiosi pentru niste cartofi "copti" or whatever. Cat despre scoicile in sos de vin... scoicile cu paine muiata in vin...nu inteleg de ce iti aduc o oala umpluta pana la jumate cu paine...
Anyway, chelnerii si ospatarii au fost promti si foarte ok. Daca te duci sa stai pe tarasa si sa bei ceva - 5 stele, daca vrei sa mananci si sa ai o conversatie cu cineva in interior...

W9 DesPoisson
10 august 2018 20:28

Really good restaurant in which you can order many romanian types of food. They're specialised in burgers. If you want your steak raw or more cooked, tell them because they won't ask you. Food is really good and fast service
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2 august 2018 15:59

Wifi is broken. They don't take credit cards. Don't give correct change. Can't cook a burger less than medium well. Waiter took my wine bottle and threw away my sunflower seeds when I went to the ATM and refused to do anything about it. He was a generally unusually honest man but I recommend you go elsewhere.
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Tom Barbette
16 iunie 2018 23:12

A memorable horrible experience. I waited long before they took my order. Then they lost or forgot my command. I was alone, quite easy. I waited for more than one hour, saw three table come, served, and leave before I was and not even a sorry... Or a gesture on the check.
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Razvan Marin
8 iulie 2018 23:11

Ate a Beef Burger with fries in Park Lake. The burger is one of the worst I have eaten. I'd rather eat at McDonald's.
The fries, some were cold while others were burning the insides of my mouth. Lots of salt on them, still tasteless.
Considering the price, kindly avoid. Don't get baited by the good marketing.
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Valentin Radu
22 februarie 2018 10:26

A nice spot in the Old Town, dressed with really tasty food. At my first visit we ordered two burgers and a ocean sea food wrap, all three were tasty and nicely served on wooden bottom. Decent prices and excellent taste, would recommend it!

*Cons: a bit disappointing that the burgers didn't have any sauce included, it's not you wow-ing Stake House experience but comes pretty close
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