Bordello Bar

Strada Șelari 9-11, Centrul Vechi, București

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Păreri despre "Bordello Bar"

Calvin Ma
1 noiembrie 2017 19:54

The steak pie was very good. It would be great if they put some potato and carrots in the pie.
Hard to get the waiter's attention. He was too busy hollering at a hoochie. Boy needs to focus on making money.
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Philip Baker
27 iulie 2017 13:05

A beautifully decorated place to enjoy one of there many cocktails on offer.
I highly recommend the alcoholic milkshake.
A visit up stairs to the toilets is a must.
Wish we had the time to of seen a show.
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batuhan akçay
6 iulie 2017 08:34

Good place for a few drinks, not cheap but not expensive either. We went on a saturday and there was live music and the band played nice songs that everyone knows. The interior design is very attractive with bunch of stripper lady posters as you would wait from a bar called Bordello.
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Rupert Wolfe Murray
15 iunie 2017 08:57

This place is rather dubious but it has THE BEST BURGERS IN THE OLD TOWN.

I was cruising around looking for something to eat and got pulled in by their menu which is on display on the strip (unlike most joints, they don't have a chick on the street hustling passers by).

I've been having burgers every evening in Bucharest and this place has some of the best ones -- surprisingly as the staff are unfriendly and more interested in bantering with each other than chatting to us hapless punters.

First time here I had a beef burger: it was superb, and underdone (many Romanian cooks can't handle making anything underdone). I went back and had a Romanian burger which was original but not great (overcooked): the meat was pork and they replaced the bun with grilled polenta.

Bordello is a noisy dive which attracts boozy, beefy Romanians and groups of noisy, drunken Brits (in fact, the Brits and Romanians have more in common than they realise). I ran off before the notorious cabaret started.

The decor is a bit crass -- thirties style erotica and dark wood panelling -- but it works. The place looks good even though it's a bit tasteless. Basically it's a big barn to pack in men and show them some flesh. The surprising thing is that they have a good chef.
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Luca Marangoni
2 septembrie 2017 11:44

Nice place, great cocktails list done with a personal test, if you are a fan of gin tonic here you'll find something to enjoy for real!!
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