Bordello Bar

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Strada Șelari 9-11, Centrul vechi, București

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Stéphanie w
22 septembrie 2018 20:20

Nice place but when I see a big picture of a burger on a screen I except to find burgers on the menu. Half of the menu was not available same for the cocktails. Waiter was nice though.
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Cristiana Pintilie
29 septembrie 2018 15:08

Feels home whenever I walk in this bar - the waitresses are friendly, the barmans as well, people are coming from all corners of the world, from Australia to India to Finland. The music and the atmosphere is great, the food is good, during week days there is also live music and you will have all sorts of events. Try it!
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Vojtas Von Czech
12 august 2018 17:06

We had one little bit arrogant waiter who didn't speak english very well although he tried to keep his cool and said "no problem" whenever he didn't understand what we said. This wouldn't be much of a problem unless he didn't mix up our order and then denied it. Other waiter said that they didn't have our meal of choice in stock and as we didn't ask, it's not their problem. On the other hand, the lady inviting guests inside spoke english very well, pity she wasn't the one taking our order. Beer was good.
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Angharad Beurle-Williams
12 octombrie 2018 23:15

Nice staff and atmosphere, but don't have half the things on the menu, and what they do have is mediocre. Boring margarita.
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Petteri Huppunen
28 mai 2018 17:36

Easier to ask from the waiter what is on the menu than look at it. Almost every request was denied due to lack of stock. No glasses for bottled beer. And they advertise the place as a craft beer bar. Shame.
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