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Smârdan 33, Centrul Vechi, București

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Restaurantul Aubergine este o experienta culinara originala, care impleteste in preparatele fusion, elemente culinare traditionale Mediteranene, Israeliene si Egiptene.

De ce Aubergin? Pentru ca vanata are locul ei de frunte in bucataria lui Chef Ronen, fiind asociata in numeroare preparate, rezultand o combinatie colorata si delicioasa.

Lui Chef Ronen in place sa gateasca numai cu produse proaspete, atent selectate, realizand

fiecare preparat intr-un mod interesant si gustos, ceea ce transforma locatia intr-o atractie pentru toti iubitorii gustului, incluzand vegetarienii si veganii.

Restaurantul Aubergine este situat in Centrul Vechi, oferind o experienta inedita si stilata, intr-o atmosfera relaxata, unde prietenii si famiile se intalnesc pentru a savura impreuna preparatele delicioase.

Este o locatie perfecta pentru cei care vor sa se intoarca in timp pentru a admira cele 300 de usi fermecate vechi de peste 120 de ani din regiunea Transilvania, in acompaniamentul calm si relaxant al muzicii special alese.

Locatia propune una dintre cele mai bune colectii de vinuri din zona Centrului Vechi. Chef Ronen a selectat special podgoriile, pentru a oferi clientilor o experienta inedita a preparatelor fusion imbinate cu gustul fin al vinului clasic.

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B Bogdan
30 iulie 2018 11:52 Rezervat în data de 29 iulie 2018 prin

We love the Vegan menu at Aubergine. It is extremely tasty and you can feel the great quality of the ingredients.

You shown definitely try Aubergine!

R Raluca
1 aprilie 2018 22:31 Rezervat în data de 1 aprilie 2018 prin

Mancarea a fost foarte buna, insa atitudinea chelnerului care s-a ocupat de masa noastra ne-a lasat un gust amar... nu am pus decat o simpla intrebare legata de o bautura, iar dumnealui ne-a raspuns ca nu stie prin ce bodegi am trecut noi. Asa ca nu vom mai reveni.

C Cristian
20 martie 2017 09:07 Rezervat în data de 18 martie 2017 prin

Un meniu original si inspirat care te atrage. Atmosfera e un alt ingredient care te convinge sa revii.
Singurul minus a fost ca una din farfurii (am fost 4 persoane) a venit rece la felul principal.
Altfel un local care merita cu siguranta sa fie vizitat

Gabriela V
20 iulie 2018 15:04

I'm changing my rating to four stars because they added even more vegan options and they are delicious! I recommend the vegan Indian oyster mushroom food with rice! The eggplant bowl is also very good and I plan to go there more often for vegan food.

Downside: Because they serve meat I don't recommend ordering anything grilled(they don't use a different grill unfortunately).
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1 iulie 2018 18:28

This restaurant was one of my co-workers' choice for a team dinner. In the beginning I was a bit doubtful given the location and my previous experiences with the meals I've had in the old city center and the first impression wasn't very encouraging either but the menu looked promising. I ordered a medium-done beef steak with pepper sauce and it was like a culinary dream came true. That dish was delicious. It was one of the best things I've ever had. The perfect combination between sweet and just a bit of pepper flavour and the right amount of salt.
It was like every bite was warming your heart while melting your senses. I couldn't resist the urge to invite everyone to try a small bite and it was immediately classified as the best choice of the evening.
I also tried the ram (?) steak but it was a bit dull and needed more salt.
The coconut lemonade was a very interesting choice but they could have added a bit more coconut flavour in it.
The chairs are very uncomfortable. I strongly recommend the couch and the dry wine was so-so but I'm not much of a wine drinker so I wouldn't take this aspect into account.
Their prices are pretty fair ranging from affordable dishes to more expensive ones.
Although the menu is not very rich the place is also a good choice for vegeterians and vegans.
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Henrik Areskoug
8 iunie 2018 13:34

You don't have to be a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy the Aubergine. In fact, they have many meat and fish dishes in addition to their bread-and-butter items that are Mediterranean-style vegetarian.

After eating more pork than usual while in Romania, the beautiful and delicious dishes from Aubergine did not disappoint. They looked as well or better than the pictures on the iPad menus and tasted incredibly.

There are cheaper eats in Bucharest, but I'm not convinced you'll find food that is healthier, tastier and more professionally plated for the money. Recommended.
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Wolfgang Strasser
1 august 2018 14:43

Excellent restaurant, with a wide variety of very tasty and also very beautiful dishes, for both veggies and non veggies. Try their starters sampler. Pleasant low-volume music. Cozy wooden interior on gallery. One of my favourite places.
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Tomas Williams
14 iulie 2018 00:20

Service was great, menu was good with lots of options and the food was delicious.

There is an upstairs here which is 3 times larger than the first main floor and patio, ask for a eat upstairs, you'll have more space and not be bothered by people coming and going.

I would go back here if I am ever in Bucharest again.
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