Agape Cuisine

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Calea Floreasca 198-200, Tei, București

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Agape este despre metafizică, despre artă, despre frumos, despre sentiment.

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Marți - Duminică
12:00 - 23:00


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A Adriana
21 septembrie 2018 20:57 Rezervat în data de 21 septembrie 2018 prin

Înca din momentul in care am ajuns am apreciat ca ni s-a prezentat conceptul restaurantului, iar mâncarea a fost delicioasa!

I Ioana
19 august 2018 00:55 Rezervat în data de 18 august 2018 prin

Mancare buna (am încercat burger de vita, burger cu fructe de mare, risotto cu fructe de mare), prețuri măricele. Servirea cam lenta, in condițiile in care mai erau doar 2 mese ocupate. Dar all in all o experiența ok.

B Bogdan
26 februarie 2018 11:17 Rezervat în data de 25 februarie 2018 prin

Situated in Floreasca quarter, it’s overpriced by default; tasty food (asparagus cream soup and shirloin steak with gorgonzola sauce); small indigestion after; good service; free wi-fi and street parking; upstairs is much nicer and with park view;

Robert Constantin
6 septembrie 2018 19:26

Very nice place close to Bucharest's financial district. Inside and outside seating available. Nice staff. Plenty of sea food and fish available in the menu. Upscale place.
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octavian tavi
17 august 2018 14:09

Wonderful experience here. The food was great, cooked by an Italian chef, Andrea. Ambiance is also very good because they have lounge style cover versions of many popular song at just the right volume to still have a proper conversation at your table. All in all, i would definitely recommend this place
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Ema Cimpoesu
15 august 2018 09:23

Nice cozy place, the staff is very nice and eager to help. The menu is not big, which is very good, and you can find pasta, risotto, even burgers. The food was delicious. A small minus for the lava cake (I would have liked a bigger one and skipped the ice cream, which wasn't great to begin with, but that's just me I guess).
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Funieru Bogdan
9 august 2018 20:33

The restaurant is nice, but the food is great. We are good pasta and I think one of the best beef burgers I've had. Good deserts the waiters are kind, and the prices are a tad expensive.
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Madalina Alexa
17 septembrie 2018 14:56

Food is absolutely delicios and amazing.
It's a must! -> The sea food plate and the millefeuille.
Beautiful location. Friendly and polite staff
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