Grădina Floreasca

4,6 / 18 voturi
Mircea Eliade 16, Floreasca, București

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Grădină, terasă, restaurant chiar în mijlocul orașului, dar atât de departe de griji și de aglomerație.

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A Anca Adriana
30 iulie 2017 10:08 Rezervat în data de 29 iulie 2017 prin

Atmosfera seara este foarte placuta, intima. Este un spatiu mare si arata mai bine decat se poate vedea in poze. Servirea este foarte buna. Burgerii au fost buni, recomand.

H Havana
15 iulie 2017 20:44 Rezervat în data de 15 iulie 2017 prin

Super ok , mancare atmosfera servire drinks :) Friendly staff

A Andrea
17 septembrie 2016 23:18 Rezervat în data de 14 septembrie 2016 prin

Seara relaxata de mercurial cu muzica jazz, burgeri si bauturi bune, ambient verde si aer curat. Servirea a fost chiar la timp si atmosfera chill. Mai venim cu drag si data viitoare.

Rebeca Stanca
5 iulie 2018 18:23

The place is GORGEOUS, my jaw dropped when I walked in. Lovely atmosphere, quiet, green, great music - quiet enough to talk, loud enough to enjoy. From what I saw on other tables, the food looked great. I myself only had a lemonade, but it was very good. Prices are ok for the area, matching Old Town, but affordable for a nice evening out. Haven't tried the pool, but it look sparkling clean.
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Anca Rotlein
19 iunie 2018 19:34

Very nice place to enjoy some quality time. Good atmosphere, exquisite food and the music...oh, the music just makes this place perfect. I really recommend the jazz nights that are really perfect.
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Ekaterina Pronina
4 iulie 2018 11:03

Nice place, it’s a pitty that with a coffee for 14lei you get a single use plastic spoon :( It doesn’t give a good impression and it feels like a fastfood cafe.
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Alexandru Trandafir
9 iulie 2018 08:27

Good, nice, large place, very comfortable. The service was verygood and sowas the food, while the pricing wasalmost acceptable.
They still need some improvementa, as the missing umbrellas to protect you from the Sun. Some table mats must also be considered to prevent cttlery from collecting dusr and falling through the garden tables holes and the list could continue.
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Gabriel Giurca
1 iulie 2018 00:54

The whole garden like area is nice and I enjoyed it. The entire setup with the garden and pool and everything looks good and has a nice raw touch to it.
However I was not at all impressed with the service. It's rather slow and you really have to wait a lot to get noticed or even served. The waiter lost my order twice.
Additionally I had the not so great ideea to ask for an icecream there expecting some icecream on a plate with chocholate sauce or whatever. What I got was probably the worst icecream in my life, if I can even call that terrible mold of water, ice and some silly cruchy whatever those were, an icecream.
Luckily, I was at a highschool reunion so it didn't matter that much but I had to eat the damn thing so I won't look stupid in front of my mates :)
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