Strada Mureșenilor 27, Brașov

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12 februarie 2017 01:39

The food is good. The serving is fast.
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16 octombrie 2017 12:56

Very delicious Chinese food at a good price. Not very authentic, but highly tasty. Like good mall food court Chinese food. Would eat here again!
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8 martie 2018 18:19

This is my last order from this restaurant. The sweet and sour chicken I had, was missing the chicken, but had plenty of questionable sauce with pineapple. The spicy chicken on the other hand was raw and very very small compared to the dough/flour/panko it was covered in.

I wouldn't order from here, not ever. Crappy food.
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19 august 2017 16:52

Food was cold and not that good. No sauce available; afterwards I felt a bit sick.
Serving was indeed fast but definetly not worth it. Try something else.
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7 aprilie 2017 13:56

Food is not constant in taste, a bit pricey. Do not order takeout! It came late, the food was mixed, mashed and the bags were full of sauce.
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