Strada Mureșenilor 27, Brașov
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Păreri despre "Yan"

Ryne Landers
16 octombrie 2017 12:56

Very delicious Chinese food at a good price. Not very authentic, but highly tasty. Like good mall food court Chinese food. Would eat here again!
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Deea Neagu
8 martie 2018 18:19

This is my last order from this restaurant. The sweet and sour chicken I had, was missing the chicken, but had plenty of questionable sauce with pineapple. The spicy chicken on the other hand was raw and very very small compared to the dough/flour/panko it was covered in.

I wouldn't order from here, not ever. Crappy food.
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Razvan Negri
11 februarie 2018 15:19

The food is OK, when it exists. 3 out of 5 times they don't have basic dishes available, regardless of the time of the day you go there ("we ran out", OK, then cook more?!). Other issues are of the sort "Gong Bao Chicken" without chicken. Also the past 5 times I ordered from here, they could not provide chopsticks. Judging by other reviews, which are old by now, it seems they have no plans to address these problems.
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Alexandru Nicolae Pascu
2 ianuarie 2018 21:55

5 star best Chinese food in town
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19 august 2017 16:52

Food was cold and not that good. No sauce available; afterwards I felt a bit sick.
Serving was indeed fast but definetly not worth it. Try something else.
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