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Vanilla Lounge & Games

Bulevardul Gării 3A, Brașov

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 02:00


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12 ianuarie 2019 01:08

If I would like to go out and have a coffee probably this place wouldn't be on my top list due to the location of the venue. The feeling in the whole building is so desolate. No free parking places around, unimaginable ourdays. The elevator through the floors is a plus.
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12 martie 2019 01:24

Ok game room. You can play here bowling, pool biliard and ping-pong. The bowling thing it's a bit hard for me but I managed somehow. The service was ok and the price was a bit pricey. But you can expect that as the location is near the train station.
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12 august 2019 14:17

Good service, large selection of drinks and quality pool tables.
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22 decembrie 2018 13:24

Good place if you're waiting for a train. Cheap food, that tastes like cheap food, but keeps you from being hungry. If you're looking to play table tennis this is one of the places in Brasov that you can do that. A few years ago I used to spend hours upon hours of drinking beer, eating chicken schnitzel with chips and playing table tennis with friends.
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10 iunie 2018 21:57

Ideal place to grab a beer and wait for the train. Reasonably priced for where it's located and perfect walking distance for the train station. Lots of stuff to do like bowling/pool if you've got a few hours to kill. Friendly staff but not many English speaking but pointing got the drinks ordered.
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