Trattoria Pocol

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Strada Apollonia Hirscher 12, Brașov
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Cum știi dacă ai ajuns unde trebuie? La Trattoria Pocol nu îți vei pune niciodată această întrebare pentru că ne-am asigurat că nu vei mai vrea să pleci!

Credem în lucruri autentice și de aceea nici un efort nu a fost prea mare pentru a deschide în Brașov un restaurant cu specific mediteranean cu bucătari italieni, ingrediente italienești și preparate originale.

Nu ne-a scăpat nici un detaliu, suntem mândri de reușita noastră și vă așteptăm să ne bucurăm împreună.

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Julian Diloreanu
20 mai 2018 23:21

The first impressions was quite nice .The place looks clean and the menu looked impressive for a Italian restaurant outside Italy. Once we get the food that nice impression was ruined. The food was mediocre. Most of us order pasta .....and we all had the same verdict......very bad.
The service was average.....nothing special there.
Overall a bad experience .....
Not a place I would recommend .
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Daniel Serban
20 mai 2018 09:30

Good food, good atmosphere, good service...great place!
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DQue Murea
24 martie 2018 17:26

Interesting location. Nice interior, good wines. I give 4 stars because they have to work on the food, which is good, not the best.
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David Buglass
7 mai 2018 22:07

Very friendly and attentive staff. Good food and extensive menu.
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Oana-Cristina D
19 martie 2018 23:17

I went to eat there with my boyfriend on Sunday for the first time. I stayed for a period in Italy, so I was really happy to find a place in Brasov that had the POTENTIAL to be a good Italian restaurant. The setting is really nice and the menu is quite impressing for an Italian restaurant in Romania. We ordered and were quite happy that we were going to enjoy some Italian food. BUT everything was ruined when I FOUND HAIR in my pasta. I called one of the waiters, a girl, and told her about the hair. She took the plate and went with it to her coleague and her manager to tell them. She came back with the plate after a few minutes, apologized and asked us if we want another serving of pasta. I said yes. After waiting another half an hour, I received some new paste, BUT THEY WERE POORLY MADE. After the incident with the hair and after receiving some new poorly made pasta, my appetite was lost, so I didn’t eat anymore. The waiter that came to take our plates was surprised that I didn’t eat the pasta. After telling him the reason I didn’t eat anymore, he had an improper attitude. We asked to talk with the manager. He came to our table and after telling him what happened (he ALREADY KNEW, but still asked us what happened), he apologized saying that “IT WAS JUST AN EYELASH” and offered us some Limoncelo. I have a background in Horeca and I know exactly how situations like this should be handle. The manager from the restaurant DIDN’T HANDLE THE SITUATION PROPERLY. We had a serious discussion with him. In the end, he offered us the pasta for free. If you go to eat here, CHECK YOUR FOOD FOR HAIR !!!
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