Trattoria Pocol

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Strada Apollonia Hirscher 12, Brașov
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Cum știi dacă ai ajuns unde trebuie? La Trattoria Pocol nu îți vei pune niciodată această întrebare pentru că ne-am asigurat că nu vei mai vrea să pleci!

Credem în lucruri autentice și de aceea nici un efort nu a fost prea mare pentru a deschide în Brașov un restaurant cu specific mediteranean cu bucătari italieni, ingrediente italienești și preparate originale.

Nu ne-a scăpat nici un detaliu, suntem mândri de reușita noastră și vă așteptăm să ne bucurăm împreună.

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Anamaria Buzatu
5 ianuarie 2019 13:23

The food didn't taste good at all. We ordered mussel soup and it was very salty and it tasted very artificial. The Lsagna also didn't taste good and the menu was rather poor. I wouldn't go there for a second time mostly because of the food. I was surprised to see an intalian restaurant with such bad food. Do not recommend.
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13 decembrie 2018 19:43

One of the best tiramisu I've ever eaten. You should give it a try when you visit Brasov. They also have great food and the staff is very friendly, nice and ready to help you with everything you want.
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Stef Mircea
4 iulie 2018 22:44

If you want a poor menu, poor serving, bad cooking- this is the place! From outside it looks kind of fancy, but once you get in, you realize about the kitschy arrangement of the place. Anyway, we all have bad taste sometimes, but still if you have a restaurant in the middle of the town, you should consider to dress your staff properly, get assured that they know how to treat a client, and most of all, get yourself a good cook! I was amazed that I couldn't find something good to eat, the menu is so poor that reminds me of some apocalyptic scenario. I ordered some stake, and it was something more like boiled, and it was surrounded by some kind of sauce which looked like a soup!?... More like vomit actually! The taste was missing, the texture hard! Very poor cooking! Looking at the staff they were dressed as "a walk in a park" or worse. Just avoid the damn place!
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Pavel Pashutin
12 ianuarie 2019 23:04

First time in my life I ate cold bruschettes.... and adding a lemon into a Corona beer, confused me... no salt around the rim... beer was almost room temperature as well.

Service is meh and slow

The place looks good though for what it's worth, even though it's not worth going in.
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Vlad Bucur
31 decembrie 2018 16:54

The food arrived cold, the pizza seemed tasteless and very thin. Also some toppings were added to the cooked pizza and not cooked with it.
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