Strada Postăvarului 1, Brașov
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Cafea, ceai, băuturi distilate, vin, bere nepasteurizată și specialități gastronomice.

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Luni - Joi
07:30 - 01:00
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D Daniel
2 august 2017 23:57 Rezervat în data de 2 august 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Ne-am simtit bine mai ales ca s-a racorit spre seara. Am dat 4 stele pentru ca trebuia sa-i cauti pe baieti sa-ti mai aduca o bere. Si asta nu o data. Dar as reveni pentru ca imi place berea Zaganu.

Ana Goga
22 noiembrie 2017 10:02

Best mornings are here! Working, powered by awesome coffee, has never been more productive.
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Juanita Lee
7 octombrie 2017 01:54

Don't bother coming here if you're a foreigner or if it's physically obvious that you're a foreigner. There were a bunch of open tables and when I walked in and sat down, I got a lot of stares. I was waiting for a menu and I can see there was some discussion among the staff. Some guy came over and said the table where I was sitting was reserved and brought a handwritten sign to place it on the table. As I was about to move to a different table he said all the tables were reserved even though there were no signs on them and people were coming in and sitting down. It was obvious that I was not welcomed so I left disappointed to know that a place with such great reviews have terrible and discriminatory customer service towards foreigners.
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Silviu Teodor Popescu
2 noiembrie 2017 18:50

Nice decor. Very good drink options. Artizanal beer
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Mihai Tatu
22 august 2017 21:07

Excelent craft beer, great tea, coffee, and wine. But the best thing is the atmosphere and the people. Great place to be alive!
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George Masgras
25 iulie 2017 13:20

Absolutely love this place. The tea selection is unparalleled in the city. This place is always packed with tourists and ex-pats
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