Terroirs Boutique du Vin

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Strada Postăvarului 2, Brașov
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„Cine ştie sã deguste un vin bun, ştie sã soarbã din el picãturi de geniu” – Baudelaire

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D Daniela
7 ianuarie 2018 17:54 Rezervat în data de 6 ianuarie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Very good selection of wines. Very friendly and helpful staff

Raz Van
3 iunie 2018 15:19

Great atmosphere, but lousy service. Even so, after a while the waiter was changed and everything went well. Food is mediocre, but the wine is what we went there.
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Fiona Moldovan
5 aprilie 2018 18:56

Shamefully bad service from a guy who clearly just wanted to hang out with his mates at the bar, rather than work. Two tables arrived after us, both audibly complaining about how slow / non existent the service was... Wish we had left when it took ten mins to first get the menu.. sad because it looks like a lovely spot and the food we finally got was nice.
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Petrut Marian
12 iunie 2018 14:54

Nice place,but very difficult to get a drink, must wait for 20-30 mins.
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capris ioana
25 februarie 2018 23:28

Wonderful unique atmosphere, with a great wine selection and good service
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Mircea Dogaru
10 decembrie 2017 18:51

Wine is great, waiters are very knowledgeable and give great recommendations based on the dish you choose.

Ribs are amazing, they melt in your mouth. Burgers, unfortunately, not so much. Fries were a bit disappointing as well.
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