Terroirs Boutique du Vin

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Strada Postăvarului 2, Brașov
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„Cine ştie sã deguste un vin bun, ştie sã soarbã din el picãturi de geniu” – Baudelaire

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Luni - Duminică
13:00 - 00:00


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D Daniela
7 ianuarie 2018 17:54 Rezervat în data de 6 ianuarie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Very good selection of wines. Very friendly and helpful staff

Sem Hilton
13 ianuarie 2019 18:12

A gorgeous place with an abundance of gorgeous (Romanian) wines. Staff is very easy-going and friendly and they do take their time to recommend you exactly the kind of wine you want to drink. It's situated in a very cute street, which makes for a nice view while you're relaxing and enjoying a nice wine.
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Daniela Popa
30 ianuarie 2019 22:21

Great selection of wine and good food. The staff is nice and they are always ready to help you choose the best wine that will go with your food or your spirit.
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Felix Kreuk
29 septembrie 2018 09:36

The food was great, the waiter knew his way around wines and recommended a good bottle of red wine. The french onions soup is delicious. The reason this isn’t a 5 star is the waiting time. Extremely long.
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Radu Petrescu
16 septembrie 2018 15:18

Nice place. Expensive wine compared to the retailer price. The waiter was a bit "precious" proving smart advice after the order. 4 stars because they closed after we finished the last glass, no pressure.
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Anamaria Buzatu
12 ianuarie 2019 10:03

A true place where you can disover some real good wines. They also have food that can be a perfect option for a Saturday night out - I have tried and enjoyed their shrimps, chilli buger and mussels. There I tried a wine recommended by the waiter and I was surprised by its amazing taste - Garganega Chardonnay from Scaia (White). I hope you'll enjoy it too.
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