Terroirs Boutique du Vin

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Strada Postăvarului 2, Brașov
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„Cine ştie sã deguste un vin bun, ştie sã soarbã din el picãturi de geniu” – Baudelaire

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D Daniela
7 ianuarie 2018 17:54 Rezervat în data de 6 ianuarie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Very good selection of wines. Very friendly and helpful staff

clau syekler
2 iulie 2019 21:55

Very tasty food, excellent wines... 5 stars, nice atmosphere, but I had to wait more than one hour for the main dish, after the appetizers. Ok... it was 8 pm. They had a excuse: "The food has to be fresh and warm" they sad. So I had to wait more than one hour and I cancelled the Lava cake dessert.
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Andi Buricatu
8 iulie 2019 21:49

A truly nice wine bar. Wine variety is extensive and prices are more than decent. They have wines they sell by the glass starting with 10 EUR and not the cheapo' headache kind. Employees are friendly and knowleadgeable. Although they do not have a wine list per se you will eventually find your way to something of your liking. Food is more than great, you need to try it. Even desserts. Enjoy!
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2 iunie 2019 20:14

Great Romanian wine, nice fresh food and nice personell. Would definitely recommend the place 👌🏼
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Sem Hilton
13 ianuarie 2019 18:12

A gorgeous place with an abundance of gorgeous (Romanian) wines. Staff is very easy-going and friendly and they do take their time to recommend you exactly the kind of wine you want to drink. It's situated in a very cute street, which makes for a nice view while you're relaxing and enjoying a nice wine.
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Diana Balan
12 iunie 2019 09:42

Amazing selection of wines and the staff has a lot of knowlegde on them and make great recommendations.
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