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Pizza Roma

4,3 / 1 vot
Piața Sfatului 6, Brașov

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Luni - Duminică
09:00 - 00:00


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4,3 / 1 vot
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A Adrian
22 septembrie 2019 19:44 Rezervat în data de 22 septembrie 2019

Nota 10! Pizza buna, berea rece, personal amabil si gata pentru orice dorință!...

29 mai 2019 22:55

Amazing!!! Pizza was so good, the crust was flakey and delicious, great options, and very good prices for the location. I would certainly go back and highly suggest it to everyone. Perfect for a warm day, though I believe they put out red blankets and heat lamps when it's chilly.
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24 septembrie 2019 11:31

I was disappointed by most aspects of this place. We sat outside and we're ignored for awhile and then told that we had to move inside to get table service. We did move inside and ordered. We were told that the food took 30 minutes. It was more like 45. Our friends ordered duck which was cooked pretty awfully. It was so tough and overcooked that they could hardly chew it. They told the wait staff and one guy tried to defend it essentially saying "we are a Pizzeria, what do you expect". I had pasta which was edible and decently tasty but nothing to write home about. Later we ordered a crepe which was OK but a bit soggy. The staff were all young people and it seemed like the management didn't care very much about the quality not service or food. They are on a busy tourist plaza so will always have business. I hope they up their game otherwise other unsuspecting tourists will continue to get poor service and poor food.
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24 martie 2019 15:04

A good place for eating with friends.
- nice atmosphere
- cozy place
- a large variety of italian food
- tasty food

- drinks are too expansive
- some of the waitresses were very friendly but other were not
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3 decembrie 2019 12:13

It's an usual location for me whenever i come to Brasov, because we were never disappointed. But we usually order the same dishes because it's safe to assume that mistakes do happen in a crowded place. So we've ordered tagliatele with salmon and the amount of salmon in the pasta is quite grand. And they taste very good. The pizza is great too.
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27 septembrie 2019 21:40

The rudest table service in all my time in Romania, which is the only exception, in an otherwise friendly country. Waitress had an attitude problem. I came for dinner.

She tried to take my half eaten soup away, and I said I'm still eating. That's fine. She then grouchily did not give me my main dish she was carrying, even though I said it's fine, put it on the table. Guess she wanted to go home. I had to motion for my main dish to come back, and She came back and thumped the main dish on my table rather loudly, and with irritation all over her face and demeanor.

To top it off, the pasta did not even come with a fork and I had to ask another waiter for one.

So, I had to get up from my table twice, as they were all busy chatting rather than looking at what the clients were needing.
Who serves pasta without a fork? I was polite all the way, unbelievable.

Avoid at all costs. Food was below average, service unprofessional - poorly trained waitresses with rude attitude. Lots of better restaurants, best avoid the square itself.

The only time in Romania that I did not leave a tip, and for good reason!
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