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Luther Brasserie & Lounge

4,4 / 2 voturi
Piața Sfatului 10, Brașov
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Luther Brasserie & Lounge accepta rezervari de Luni pana Joi.

Braseria LUTHER vă oferă o combinație perfectă între modern culinar și clasic, între preparate românești și internaționale, rezultatul fiind reprezentat de o eleganță desăvârșită a locului.

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4,4 / 2 voturi
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L Laura
3 ianuarie 2020 22:19 Rezervat în data de 3 ianuarie 2020

M Mihaela
25 decembrie 2018 20:46 Rezervat în data de 25 decembrie 2018

5 ianuarie 2020 01:55

Does this place have an owner? And does this owner care about the restaurant IMAGE? How can you be situated in the middle of a tourist area and not want tourists to frequent your establishment? 0 for service, rude, aggressive and lazy. 0 for professionalism, the waitress rudely pretended not to know what goulash is, in the middle of a goulash area. 0 for punctuality, 2 hours of waiting. And 0 tips from us! Half the food was burnt! How do you burn rice? Really? They acted like they did us a favor by doing their jobs! I absolutely DO NOT RECOMMEND! Go to restaurant Transylvania, look it up! Polite staff, organized, and punctual, plus the food is great!
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26 ianuarie 2020 17:49

Very good food, very nice employees but serving is slow. It is worth waiting though. Great selection of wines, international cuisine with nice selection of dishes. Prices are fair. Music is very jazzy and cool, decorations are impressive almost like a baroque museum. Over all a nice experience except the long wait.
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1 ianuarie 2020 17:06

Awesome ambiance. Place looks super cool and has the good music to go along with it. It was very crowded when we arrived (1st day of the new year) but the staff was careful enough to tell us that any food order would be served with a significant delay. Even though they were busy, our waitress took the time to follow up and make sure everything is ok.
Some tables might not be as nice as others. We stayed right next to the bar on the left side. Plenty of space for 4-6 people on one out of the two tables over there, so for a large group of 12 or maybe more it would be perfect.
Coffee quality was a bit poor, with slightly burnt taste. Looking around, food looked good.
Definitely worth the visit.
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6 martie 2020 09:51

If I was to follow your reviews I would have not walked in but we did after all and we had an amazing breakfast. The chef came to our table and offered some of his personal creations and the dishes were absolutely amazing. Loved it!
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1 ianuarie 2020 13:55

Do not go to this place if you want to grab a quick bite, I ordered only a margarita pizza, which took around 1 hour to be prepared and served. The preparation was also not good as it was little burnt,then the pizza was kept at some waiting area where it was allowed to get cold and then we were served the great COLD pizza by out extremely RUDE waitress.When we complained about the pizza the waitress didn't bother to listen to us and just ignored us.One thing I also noted if you ordered more things then only staff was paying attention to you. So I would never go back to this restaurant again.The only pros is it's near the centre and the ambience is very good.
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