Luther Brasserie & Lounge

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Piața Sfatului 10, Brașov
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Braseria LUTHER vă oferă o combinație perfectă între modern culinar și clasic, între preparate românești și internaționale, rezultatul fiind reprezentat de o eleganță desăvârșită a locului.

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31 decembrie 2018 16:30

When I went in and tried to make a reservation, they staff said they don't do such thing. But there was a "Reserved" tag on several tables. Later on when I came back with my friends I asked for a table for three and they said they don't have any free seats, even though there were dozens of unoccupied two-person tables which they could have put together.
Overall the staff seems disinterested and unwilling to attract any customers. I would never go to this place again.
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Nikolaos Oikonomou
3 decembrie 2018 23:05

Nice place on the plaza. I only had coffee... It was very good. Kind waitors.
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Ioana Cozma
2 decembrie 2018 12:49

Beautiful place. Amazing location. Service is amazing and the waiters are more than charming. BUT thats if you ever get served. The waiting time is abysmal.
As you enter there's no one to sit you down, not because there's no host but because she's also working the table. They are so short staffed that you wait 5 minutes to get the menu, another 20/25 for them to take your order and another 30 minutes for your order to arrive. Basically an hour before you even get your food!
It's truly a shame that the owner/manager does not take care of the staff and of their customers.
Ps. Another thing I have never seen before is they give you change and count the money right in front of you. If you were on a date or had guests and tried to be discreet, it wouldn't work out.
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Ni Na
27 noiembrie 2018 21:38

Very nice looking and cosy place, well-situated, waitress was very endeavored, HOWEVER, unfortunately I can only give three stars because they had either forgotten our orders or not explained that the wait time would be rather long which would have been nice to know traveling with two restless 3 year olds. We got two cold coffees and our food about an hour later after requesting to cancel our orders all along. Food itself was fine, don't really know what the issue in service stems from.
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Nikolas Tampakoulakis
17 noiembrie 2018 17:15

The establishment should heavily invest in training their staff in customer service and care.

The so called manager was unjustly rude and inhospitable to a group of tourists, which their only crime was to enter the premises, to spend money, but instead they were ushered swiftly to the exit door.

Apparently all vacant tables were "reserved" and they should have called in advance to book a table in order to have a coffee and a pastry!

Instead of a warm welcome and a greeting, the manager was extremely rude, when he was told that were not any, "reserved" signs on the tables, and in addition he did not introduced as an ambassador for the establishment he represents, but as the"boss"!

It appears that tourists are not welcome here, so we will warn others of the poor hospitality and poor manners demonstrated by their staff.

Avoid like the plague.
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