Luther Brasserie & Lounge

Piața Sfatului 10, Brașov
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Braseria LUTHER vă oferă o combinație perfectă între modern culinar și clasic, între preparate românești și internaționale, rezultatul fiind reprezentat de o eleganță desăvârșită a locului.

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Alexandra Sturzu
25 iulie 2017 14:01

I decided to come back to Luther after a first magical experience. Unfortunately, my second time spent there was no longer than 10 minutes. It was a hot summer day and I wanted to stay in, so I can enjoy the wonderful decor. I noticed that there were two other women at a table that were waiting to get their menus. After a while, in which time no waiter said anything to me or them, I decided to stand up and ask for a menu. The reply came really blunt: we don't serve inside, because we are not enough people. I was awed and disappointed, seeing that there were about 4 or 5 waiters at that moment in the restaurant. My advice to you is that you train your stuff better in customer service. It is not acceptable for such a fancy place (with which I fell in love from the first time) to refuse serving the guests inside. The experience you give to your clients is what recommends you and makes you successful. You should learn from other small businesses from the same area how to please your guests both inside and outside the restaurant (and that with only one waiter and a bartender). So as you know, you lost 3 clients today (both me and the other two women). I would love to come back after you change your approach.
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paolino p.
30 august 2017 23:40

Very good position in the main square of the old city. The view is great, inside is very particular. It's ok for groups and couples. For the service it depends if you are lucky or not, our waitress was very kind. The food is ok, nothing special
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Szilagyi Levente
16 august 2017 21:10

The waiters have no idea what they are doing there. They are rude, slow, the tables are not cleaned, and so on. Worst coffee experience ever
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13 martie 2017 21:01

We ordered 3 pizzas and a salad, 1x water, 2x coffee and 1x green tea. The salad came first in about 15 minutes, then the coffees. At this point I had to remind the waiter that we've also ordered water and after a while we remembered that the green tea was missing also, so we had to remind the waiter again. The tea was very good but was forest fruits. After 30 more minutes pizzas arrived, which were fairly average, good if you're hungry and in need of sustenance.
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Mike M
20 august 2017 21:14

One of the fewer places that prohibits you from using their toilets although they know there is no public restroom around.
I liked the restaurant modern design but because they made me feel awkward we decided not too.
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