Kasho Lounge

Șirul Livezii 1, Brașov
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Kasho Lounge defineste rafinamentul modern, locul in care poti avea o experienta cu stil a tot ce este mai bun in gastronomie, bautura si muzica.

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Brescan Dragos
9 februarie 2018 10:28

Good food, good drinks. Even if the place is crowded the staff managed to be very prompt. Has a very cozy ambiance.
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Tudor Dimboianu
26 februarie 2018 17:54

Stuck up place.. High prices and low service. They don't serve eggs after 12 apperently.. Couches are old cheep and uncomfortable
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Constantin Siriteanu
26 decembrie 2017 12:40

Good food, great service and lovely atmosphere :)
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Moe Aha
21 februarie 2018 15:43

Very nice location, affordable prices and good view.
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capris ioana
25 februarie 2018 23:27

Great food and great service
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