Il Caminetto

Piata Sfatului 27, Brașov

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Localizat in centru vechi al Brasovului, Il Caminetto este locul nde poti asculta muzica live a celor mai mari artisti.

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 20:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
14:00 - 20:00


Păreri despre "Il Caminetto"

bing0 bong0
18 februarie 2019 04:54

If I was to use just 1 word to describe: SNOB. If I was to use 2 words: SWEAT BOX. Last time I come to a place with high expectations. Let's say that the fact that it is located down a dark alley is part of the medival flavor that Brasov has, I understand that you don't have to be High Street to be a good spot, but all my local friends recommended it as this super nice place and boy was I in for the biggest disappointment in Brasov. Everybody from the bouncer to the "party-goers"(it is in quotes because they think it is a party but nobody dances) thinks that they are better than you. I thought it may be early on, they need a few drinks to loosen up. 3AM came and the odd drunk girl was dancing, everybody just talking or glued to the phone. The place is very small, and the music is just what you would hear on the radio, so I thought ok people don't come here for the music, the place is smaller than a living-room in Balinese Villa, they obviously don't come here to dance, so WHY DO PEOPLE GRAVITATE TOWARDS THAT PLACE? no clue my friends, it seems like it is a closed circuit of people who know each other, apparently are well off in the city, and that is where they congregate to drink and compare clothes. As a foreigner there is no place for you there my friend. Even if you come with a local. Like physically there is NO place.
Will I ever go there again?
Probably never, never and half.
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aloe farm
13 ianuarie 2019 18:04

Best club ever in Brasov !
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Bogdan Baicanescu
25 noiembrie 2018 15:43

Great place, nice music, good bartenders !
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Dan Dab
25 noiembrie 2018 15:42

Great place, good music
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Raul Boberschi
8 octombrie 2018 16:42

Perfect place for a night out
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