Garden Club

Bulevardul Griviței A 48, Brașov

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Restaurantul GARDEN Club are o capacitate de 80 de locuri si va ofera un spatiu de desfasurare pentru masa, intalnire de afaceri, nunta, cununie sau orice alt eveniment, care doriti sa se faca intr-un cadru intim, luminos si cu mancare excelenta.

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Luni - Joi
10:00 - 20:00
Vineri - Duminică
10:00 - 18:00


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26 februarie 2021 20:39

Not bad for a 3 stars. Good food, large parking. Clean. But in an industrial area, hmm....
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23 februarie 2021 15:51

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27 octombrie 2019 16:53

Wonderful hotel. Clean, comfortable, friendly staff, good food. I recommend it!
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11 august 2019 17:29

This is a review for the pool:
There used to be a handful of seats around the tiny pool. In the meantime the seat number and area has at least quadrupled. The pool is now constantly overfilled to the point you can barely move. The restaurant has decent priced food, which also tastes nice. Beverages are priced +10-20% compared to the city center. Everything looks great. It would have been by far the nicest open air pool to go refresh in, but the incessant, generic, loud disco mixes absolutely ruin all of the great things the place had going. If you go with a friend you pretty much have to yell at each other to communicate. Not everyone enjoys that sort of music (generic remixes of pop music that was boring when it first came out 30 years ago), and most certainly not everyone enjoys it at that volume. I want to go there to relax, chat, refresh. Not to blow my eardrums up.

Conclusion: this used to be a great spot. Now, if you like to stand in an overfilled pool and become deaf from cheap boring remixes, the entry fee of 50 lei is a bargain! It might be a lot less crowded if you come during the week.
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18 ianuarie 2020 10:13

Nice place and good guality hotel!
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