Sultan Mehmet

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Bulevardul Griviței 1W, Brașov

Sultan Mehmet

4,1 / 7 voturi
Preț Moderat
Bulevardul Griviței 1W, Brașov
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Restaurantul Sultan Mehmet ofera o atmosfera rustica,relaxanta de familie. Clientii care ne incanta cu prezenta lor din momentul in care pasesc pe domeniul Sultanului,aceastia devin musafirii lui. Va asteptam sa incercati delicatesele vastei bucatarii turcesti preparate special pentru dumneavoastra intr-o bucatarie special amenajata cu cuptor de lemn si gratar cu jar. Restaurantul este situat in Brasov, pe strada Griviței nr. 1W, lângă IVECO.

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4,1 / 7 voturi
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17 august 2023 23:34

We used the restaurant part of this place. When we searched for a Turkish restaurant in Brasova, it came up as a spacious place with nice and delicious food. I especially recommend the küşleme dish and the trilice dessert. The parking lot is huge. the garden is very beautiful. There is also a nice playground for children. a Turkish waiter named Süleyman helped us. We left very satisfied. thanks
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17 iunie 2023 23:30

I had the worst experience ever.
The place smells bad and the food is very greasy 🤮
The food is a poor imitation of Turkish cuisine, they don't respect the traditional recipe.
Coffee tastes awful, they brought the food but they didn't bring the cutlery.
I ordered Sultan Kebab and I got something totally different from what the recipe looks like and also the meat was raw. I told the waiter the food was not ok but he didn't care, he said will check with the chef instead of cooking it better and the reply was that the meat was looking like that because of the spices they used. I refused the dish and they still asked me to pay which is totally not ok because I didn't have that food.
I had beef soup and houmus which were mediocre and one hour after eating I had digestion problems.
I totally don't recommend this place !!!
I lived in Istanbul for 2 years so I know what I'm talking about!
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23 martie 2023 12:25

We returned to Sultan Mehmet for the first time since the pandemic, having loved the food before and expecting great things.

Unfortunately, we had a pretty bad experience. A bad start as we had reserved a table for 4 and were given a table clearly meant for 2 right in a draught by the door.

We were assigned what turned out to be the only waiter who did not speak English, and also who really clearly didn't want to serve us. This resulted in many problems with our order - drinks orders wrong, things arriving at the wrong time etc and a general very bad vibe indeed. The pity was that it seemed everyone else spoke English because many of our problems needed to be resolved by them.

We had the mixed grill main courses - they seemingly had run out of some items and decided to replace Seftali with adana kebap , and the lamb was tough as old boots. We didn't bother raising it because at this point we just wanted to leave. We felt very unwelcome.

On the plus side, the tantuni and lahmacun were absolutely delicious. I'm sure we could have had a great time in different circumstances.

Others should be aware also that the location of the restaurant has been moved well outside of town strangely in a light industrial estate, so you'll need to drive/taxi. They're also the only restaurant I'm aware of in Brasov without an English menu (use google lens if you do go).
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29 martie 2023 08:05

Nice Turkish restaurant on outskirts of Brasov. Restaurant located off main road in industrial area so parking isnt an issue. Restaurant can get very busy so advised to book. Great Turkish food with great service
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17 august 2023 20:07

Tasty food,goor service and cosy environment!
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