Strada Olteț 19, Brașov
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11:00 - 21:00


Păreri despre "Fox"

Mi'ai Grigorescu
27 februarie 2019 14:10

Home like cooked food! One of the best places to eat in Brasov.
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Ciprian Carabageac
5 martie 2019 14:43

Nice cosy place with good food and pleasent athmosphere.
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Bar Consult
17 august 2018 23:17

Good and affordable menu of the day
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Petrut Marian
21 iunie 2018 09:43

Cheap good daily menu.
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Zolti T
27 octombrie 2017 10:41

Lazy staff, they like to ignore you like you are a ghost. The food is nothing special, you can get faster service an better food elsewhere near.
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