Casa Hirscher

Piața Sfatului 12-14, Brașov
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Meniul Restaurantului ‘Casa Hirscher’ impresioneaza printr-o imbinare perfecta intre gustul rafinat al preparatelor, aspectul acestora, decoruri absolut speciale, vesela.

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Cristiana Violeta
22 octombrie 2017 19:47

We had lunch today at Casa Hirscher and we were very very disappointed. First time we’ve been here was 10 years ago and we came back every time we visited Brasov, because of the great food they used to serve here.
Last time and this time, the food was so ... ordinary and teastless. We had Gorgonzola beef and Rockford pork and both meats were too hard. Also the portions are getting smaller and smaller, although the prices are getting higher.
I am so sorry that I have to write this review, because this was one of my favorite restaurants.
I just hope the owner will take notice and bring the restaurant back to its old standards.
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Susan Williamson
13 septembrie 2017 21:36

Waited 45 minutes for our order to be taken. We have now been in the restaurant for 1 hour and 40 minutes and still have not had our main course. Locals have had their starters and main course. I would not recommend this restaurant. The service is godsmackiny slow
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Adrian Turcu
27 iunie 2017 07:38

Unique food. Great wine. I really like the glass walls. Expect high prices.
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Nicu Caplea
14 octombrie 2017 18:24

Excellent food and good customer service.
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Mitty Miss
30 august 2017 11:05

A restaurant with such a deep history should value their services more. The food was tasteless, even thow the names of the dishes were very fancy. The prices way too expensive for nothing special. It's a pity such a beautiful restaurant with such a good location leaves such a bad memory.
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