Casa Hirscher

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Piața Sfatului 12-14, Brașov
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Meniul Restaurantului ‘Casa Hirscher’ impresioneaza printr-o imbinare perfecta intre gustul rafinat al preparatelor, aspectul acestora, decoruri absolut speciale, vesela.

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Daria Iştoc
4 iulie 2019 03:03

Always a favourite restaurant to go to in Brașov, since I was a child. It shows class, good chefs, great drinks and ambiance. When I was there, there was live piano music which made the ambiance so much more enjoyable. The service was really nice as well as the food. If you want something close to fine dining than make sure you check it out
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Bogdan Urdea
22 iunie 2019 22:32

A great Italian restaurant in the middle of old town centre of Brasov. It has three areas to sit, outside, pergola and the medieval cellar inspired inside. So if you are looking for great cuisine, wine and special place to stay, chose "Casa Hirscher".
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Sofia Aldazabal Wood
27 august 2019 09:29

Good service and nice food & desserts. Very good wine list. We had one and the sommelier came and open it, and pour it in a decanter. We had pasta (my 2 boys) that they liked and we had steak with gorgonzola sauce.
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Matt C
24 iunie 2019 21:00

Excellent pasta, lovely desert. Very good wine selection. Also probably one of the few places serving food until 11PM.
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Bogdan-Marius Merisanu
28 iulie 2019 13:54

Good food, I recommend pasta and mushrooms. Nice waiter and great view
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