Casa Hirscher

Piața Sfatului 12-14, Brașov
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Meniul Restaurantului ‘Casa Hirscher’ impresioneaza printr-o imbinare perfecta intre gustul rafinat al preparatelor, aspectul acestora, decoruri absolut speciale, vesela.

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13 februarie 2018 12:53

Delicious Experience, It Worth a Second Visit

I choose this place first because they have a proper non-smoking area. Then because they are very helpful deciding a menu and the over all experience here was very good.
The vegetables cream soup was very good but nothing special or extraordinary. It was served with bread croutons at the right temperature and it was followed by a fillet of perch with roast potatoes. The perch was well done but it would have been better served with some capers sauce instead of lemon slice. The desert was the most interesting: nougat glace ice cream – delicious.
Silva dark beer was a very nice surprise (for my taste).
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Stefan Tanasescu
18 februarie 2018 15:03

More than decent food, the price to quality rapport is adequate. Lovely atmosphere and fast serving. Definitely worth checking out.
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Elena Ghita
8 decembrie 2017 08:55

Very disappointing place and evening! Very overpriced menu for such a quality of the food. I have been in my life in a huge amount of restaurants around the world and on many cruise ships, i know what about I am talking. Portion are very small for such a price. And the presentation of the plate is very poor. Turkey was very dry, salmon and potatoes in the oven tasteless. Are many more great restaurants in Brasov worth the money and visiting, but not this one for shure. Never coming back again.
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Alex Radulescu
28 decembrie 2017 19:45

I was asked to reposition my chair, next to us sat a "fancy" couple and I was sitting to close to them apparently. But then I was sitting at the same distance from other tables and no one was bothered by this. Custumers are treated by theyr large bill potential, good luck with that. Small food portions in large plates, had to ask for another fork as it had dry food on it. Second day of christmas and sad piano music was playning. Maybe I don't understand such a fancy place.
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Cristiana Violeta
22 octombrie 2017 19:47

We had lunch today at Casa Hirscher and we were very very disappointed. First time we’ve been here was 10 years ago and we came back every time we visited Brasov, because of the great food they used to serve here.
Last time and this time, the food was so ... ordinary and teastless. We had Gorgonzola beef and Rockford pork and both meats were too hard. Also the portions are getting smaller and smaller, although the prices are getting higher.
I am so sorry that I have to write this review, because this was one of my favorite restaurants.
I just hope the owner will take notice and bring the restaurant back to its old standards.
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