Bibliotheque Pub

Strada Republicii 6, Brașov
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ישי פלג
9 septembrie 2018 22:13

In one word: terrific. In two: thank you. It was our best meal of the trip, surprisingly. Don't be fooled by the tourist-trap style of the menu, or of the outside signs. Bibliotheque has a real food style. I had the stake with pepper sauce, and it was served with small pancake under it, and was delicious. My friend ordered the schnitzel - nothing to write home about - but was delighted by her roots and tomatoes salad and enjoyed my sauce so much. The atmosphere is amazing, with great music and old books filling the bookcases all around, and this old, crumbling, falling apart piano in the middle. And the prices are just fine. Just fine. So is the chocolate moose cake, and so is the alcohol, as you can understand from my tone. Get there. The best place in Brasov city center, by far.
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BIDI Coffee Spot
2 august 2018 20:24

Good food. A great burger. Good staff.
I am giving only 3 stars because you have to wait for someone to come. They stay in the back. And I ordered a beer but it his pretty hot, unfortunately.
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Mark Wilkinson
5 august 2018 07:53

Great place for a cocktail or a morning coffee. Comfortable, antique-style living room furniture and tables, with numerous curiosities for decoration. The top two floors are MUCH quieter than the ground floor (which had blaring music that you could not talk over).
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Alex A.
8 august 2018 16:23

Comfy, cool place. The vegan side dishes are quite good if not great. Very friendly. Nice for lunch or to sit for a drink.
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Helene Maria McCarthy
18 iulie 2018 00:11

The style (old bookshelves) is nice however the music is far, far too loud - actually painful. When I requested it to be turned down it briefly was before being put back up to maximum volume. I was told that other tables wanted it louder (unlikely as this was 2 minutes later and they were in conversation). Also not impressed at waiter's attempt to try and get me to order a more expensive item than what I wanted. Definitely won't be coming back - only sticking around because I've already ordered.

Edit: whilst waiting for food also had a drunk guy sit right beside me (at a table, not the bar) and try to make conversation. Took several attempts to get him to leave me alone.
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