Bibliotheque Pub

Strada Republicii 6, Brașov
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Arnaldo Arends
4 ianuarie 2019 16:13

Very nice cozy place, good food. Pizza diavola was really spicy but very tasty. Great variety of cocktails and many other drinks. Music is cool but doesn't really match the style of the place. Overall very good place and would recommend.
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15 februarie 2019 16:24

If you like literature and wold like to get a refresh andalso hydrate youself, this is the place. Books on the shelves of many categories. Cozy vintage place.
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Andrea Melkuhn
24 ianuarie 2019 13:37

It is a cosy place. There is a lot of party music.
It is not too cheap, but neither too expensive in the middle of Brasov city, in the heart of the city actually.
Beer was good, the bartender girl was not too quick, but neither too slow. I recommend this bar full of old books inside and outside.
I am wondering if the bartender does ever put her hands on some of the books exposed.
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Roxanne Metz
29 noiembrie 2018 19:48

Super cozy and cute. Nice aesthetics (it does indeed look like a library). Would recommend for a cup of coffee in Braşov!
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Daniel Radulescu
16 februarie 2019 02:44

To find out that they have only remains of Lagavulin...
Too bad....
But, at the end a cozy place :)
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