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Calea Aradului 51, Timișoara
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Restaurant Tinecz, de 20 de ani inTimisoara.

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1 aprilie 2019 00:44

Unfortunately the prices went up and the food quality went down. In the past, we were visiting regularly when staying in the city, we always enjoyed some delicious food and the service was outstanding. Now, either they changed the management or trying to save cost. Food lost its exquisite taste, the same thing you get in a food court and pay way less. Service very slow and they were loudly discussing and having a laugh as if the restaurant was empty. Lack of professionalism, not acceptable.
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Bianca Isac
22 februarie 2019 11:48

A good old fashioned restaurant. The staff is old school trained(+uniforms with aprons, shirts and vests), the food is not super fancy, mostly traditional meals in the menu, but cooked well and tasty.

I had a daily menu with potato chowder with smoked pork (I ordered it to go and had it later: delicious), pork with mushroom sauce and veggie rice with a mixed side salad (nicely seasoned). Also got some oven baked crepes with curds and raisins for dessert(very delicious, too).

I'd recommend this place and will revisit.
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Mircea Mavrodin
24 mai 2019 21:23

Nice place,very good location,wonderful service and tasty food,highly recommend A++++
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a marius
5 martie 2019 22:19

Nice and cosy place, good food and good service! Liked being there (again)!
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Sorin M
15 aprilie 2019 21:17

Mâncare F Bună, really good food, you need to try this place
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