The Drunken Rat Pub

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Strada George Coșbuc 1, Timișoara
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Luni - Duminică
08:00 - 03:00


Păreri despre "The Drunken Rat Pub"

Prune Razvan
23 iunie 2019 22:10

A great place to hang out with awesome food (one of the greatest ribs in town). Situated right on the corner of the best square in town, you will not regret your visit here. Great service and cool people.
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timna shapiro
1 august 2019 17:08

Delicious pork ribs! The meet fell of the bone. Yum! The duck breast was a pretty small dish and nothing special.
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10 august 2019 15:31

Totally recommend! Great food, the staff is friendly, the bar looks nice and the prices are not sky high.
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gabriela andrea
26 mai 2019 20:50

Last night I was there with some friends to have a birthday dinner. The terrace was full so I asked the waiter for the waiting time while we would drink our beers at the bar. That’s where the disaster started. The waiter started shouting at me, telling me that’s not something he’s in charge of, how could he possibly know the answer to my question...we were shocked and left the place. I don’t normally leave bad reviews, but this is the second time I had problems with the staff and the food (meat under-/over- cooked, felt sick after the ribs burger) here in the last 3 months. It used to be a good place, NOT ANYMORE!
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Gilceava Razvan
9 iulie 2019 09:14

4 people had food poisoning after eating there and the food was not that good.
Beside that everything was fine. Good service and nice people.
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