Rustica Timisoara - închis permanent

Rustica Timisoara nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Italiană, Americană
Strada Paul Chinezu 6, Timișoara

Rustica Timisoara - închis permanent

Italiană, Americană
Strada Paul Chinezu 6, Timișoara
Rustica Timisoara nu acceptă rezervări online prin

În cultura Italiei, să mănânci cu cei dragi este cel mai frumos lucru din viaţa de zi cu zi. Liniştea şi căldura unei mese alături de familie şi prieteni nu pot fi egalate de nimic altceva. Am învăţat, la rândul nostru, cât de importante sunt aceste momente şi ne place să ne bucurăm de ele. E vorba de unitate, de legături, de dragoste, de confort, de simplitate, de frumos. E vorba de Restaurant Rustica.

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Luni - Duminică
11:00 - 23:00


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14 decembrie 2013 11:02

Waiter didn't know English at all, also menu was only in Romanian. Beside that food and ambient is great.
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31 iulie 2016 19:06

It is mainly a pizza place, but they also have salads, pastas, chicken, etc.. The food is nice in general and they have delivery service.
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13 ianuarie 2017 23:36

The pizza is very good, sometimes delays happen for home delivery
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2 ianuarie 2017 00:21

Decent pizza for decent prices.
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27 ianuarie 2013 16:17

The place that managed to disappoint me the most in Timisoara:
a) I have been ordering food from their services for a long time and I experienced the following:
- they were often late
- several times they forgot to bring the food, and when I called to ask, they came with lies and brought it to me another hour after I called
- they often forgot a type of food among those ordered
- they often forgot to bring cutlery, which was included in the price
- I complained to them several times by e-mail and on the phone and I was ignored
b) periodically going with the company to have a festive meal there, I experienced the following:
- we made a reservation and ordered a day in advance, and in case another larger group came out of the blue, they ignored our advance orders and waited until they finished with the large group (one time I waited more than 2 hours until I got the food!! !)
- when something like this happened, the boss from there would come with cheap stuff to calm us down, so everything started from him
c) expensive relative to other places in the city, and considering the steep price, I don't consider their lack of seriousness justified, even if the food is ok (and no more than ok)
d) in what I have described above, I tried not to exaggerate out of frustration, and what happened is written as accurately as possible
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