Radha Cuisine

Indiană, Vegetariană, Pakistaneză, Americană
Strada Emanoil Ungureanu 13, Timișoara

Radha Cuisine

Indiană, Vegetariană, Pakistaneză, Americană
Strada Emanoil Ungureanu 13, Timișoara
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Restaurant vegetarian cu specific indian. Avem atat Meniul Zilei, care difera de pe o zi pe alta, cat si parte de patiserie. Laboratorul nostru de patiserie are o tradiție de 15 ani. Pentru că punem preț pe sănătatea clienților și pe calitate vă oferim produse gustoase din ingrediente naturale, fără conservanți sau aditivi.

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Luni - Vineri
11:00 - 18:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică


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26 iunie 2020 19:19

Such a wonderful experience! Amazing food, perfectly balanced Indian spices and also really tasty. I cannot go through Timisoara and not go there to see what's in the menu! Very happy to find such kind and nice people. I highly recommend this place!
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2 august 2022 12:10

Excellent Indian food with a homemade vibe. The doorway isn't immediately obvious, but it's worth finding!
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31 ianuarie 2019 15:05

Tasty vegerian food! You have a lot of desert options as well 🍰🍮
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21 august 2019 15:16

I was really surprised to find vegan food in such a small city. And the food was amazing, very Indian and really tasty also. I couldn't stop myself to try different foods over there. People are really nice and kind, the location is also so perfect. Just next to cathedral. Highly recommend this place.
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3 decembrie 2019 07:23

Great indian place with many vegan options

The restaurant is marked as vegetarian and has vegan options.
The food is great. Spices are down a notch compared to traditional indian food but otherwise it's pretty good!

Prices are fair (really fair for the quality/quantity) and the daily menu is plenty.

You get a soup, a main dish and a dessert.
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