Pizzeria Poli

Calea Alexandru Ioan Cuza 1, Timișoara
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Pizzeria Poli e printre cele mai vechi restaurante din Timisoara
Pasionati si dedicati bucatariei, si cel mai important suntem atenti la orice detaliu.

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10:00 - 01:00
12:00 - 01:00


Păreri despre "Pizzeria Poli"

Levente Nogy
22 octombrie 2019 23:34

Very large pizza, good base, but not the best pizza in town.
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Florin Topolovcici
3 august 2019 11:22

We've been ordering food from them for years and their food is really good.
We also went out to eat at their location and the experience and service is mostly good. The prices are not too bad either.
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Marian Marocico
19 august 2019 23:24

Menu Diversity and original pizza combinations and great prices. During the weekdays can be a little noisy beacause it is near one busy road.
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Vlad Ponoran
24 octombrie 2019 00:03

False closing time both on Google maps and at the shop. I've been declined a pizza at the it place one hour before official closing time. This situation repeats... No surprise the bar looks almost the same as 20 years ago... Bad management...
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virnikmik .
13 septembrie 2019 16:45

Nice food, but with some minuses
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