Old House

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Strada Carei 18, Timișoara

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Povestea casei OLD HOUSE Un nobil din vechi timpuri a conceput un plan al unei case, dar nu a reușit să iși ducă misiunea până la capăt. Tot atunci a lăsat urmașilor rețetele bucătariei secrete. Ani mai târziu, urmașii lui au gasit schitele, le-au urmat și au construit Old House. Old House este un loc plin de mister, ca un miraj care ți se dezvăluie din ce in ce ... Odată ce intri nu vei mai vrea să iesi pentru că ți se oferă orice din tot ce poți vrea. Casa, nouă pentru tine dar veche in esență, te va primi cu drag și data viitoare pentru că vei reveni cu siguranță!

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4,5 / 3 voturi
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C Cristian
21 septembrie 2020 23:46 Rezervat în data de 21 septembrie 2020

D Daciana
15 octombrie 2019 09:34 Rezervat în data de 13 octombrie 2019

B Bogdan
25 octombrie 2018 00:27 Rezervat în data de 23 octombrie 2018

20 august 2020 13:28

Good food and drinks.
Kind staff.
Sometimes a bit loud & you can get a surprise that they are closed , we had more experiences that they were closed, or no cook available etc.
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28 iunie 2020 20:10

Cosy litle place in the neighberhood, small outdoor isolated terrace, good pub-like food, live football
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8 iunie 2019 22:08

Ultimately, a decent place with great food but bad staff and table placement. The terrace is extremely crammed with tables placed so close together it's actually uncomfortable to sit. I could barely pull my chair from under the table due to the limited space.

The service wasn't too good either. It took forever for the waitress to come to our table, even if the place wasn't crowded at all. On the bright side, our waitress remembered everything we ordered even if she didn't write anything down. It's always nice to see someone dedicated.

Luckily, the food is great. It was brought to the table pretty fast as well. The prices are a bit steep, given the location and the fact that there's really not much to choose from. Nevertheless, a decent experience.
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29 ianuarie 2020 09:54

Very good food but the service was not so good. Will definitely go to eat there again.
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19 iunie 2019 11:24

Great place - though i can't go above 4 stars. Been disappointed by the kitchen being closed earlier than intended when my stomach was growling and service didn't think it would be relevant or nice to let me know. Also one of my favorite drinks has been, on multiple occasions, unavailable. Aside these things it's an awesome place with a good vibe, good service, friendly staff and that "old" (in a good way) look - worth to at least visit if you're nearby.
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