Internațională, Americană
Piața Victoriei 2, Timișoara


Internațională, Americană
Piața Victoriei 2, Timișoara
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Vă invităm sa petreceți o parte din timpul dumneavoastră în ambiența restaurantului LLoyd. Într-o atmosferă caldă și primitoare!

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 22:00


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30 mai 2021 01:07

Best Food in town, no idea why is underrated here.
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1 iunie 2018 11:18

If only Lloyd cared for customers... We waited 40 minutes seated outside on the terrace to just get a menu... which never came. I went to get one myself. Menus in hands, we hoped one of the 4 waiters on the terrace would come to us but no. Once again, nobody attended us (or other customers for the matter). New people arrived, caught the back of one waiter who did not dare to turn to tell them they could sit wherever they want to, the customers left. The waiter put a tray on our table to bring drinks to the customers behind us, took the tray without making eye contact and left without asking us what we would like to drink or eat. After another 10min, we left in silence. 2 waiters saw us doing so, didn't look at us or say a word nor a move. Move on! Not worth your time and your money, there are plenty of restaurants in the city!
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8 martie 2018 21:38

So nice place! Really good food and you feel welcome. Even though it was full they manage to fix a table. Really recommend this place!
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5 mai 2018 21:35

They deserve better rating. Good food, friendly staff. Design is like my childhood restaurants, but its ok.
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4 ianuarie 2017 02:59

We were recommended by the owner of our hostel to have a dinner here. It was not necessarily a bad experience but it wasn't a nice one either. From outside, the restaurant looks posh, but when we entered and see the menu, the prices were quite okay. The staffs are fine (read: not rude, actually they're helpful) but they didn't serve fast. The food and drinks we ordered were also okay-ish.
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