Grătarul cu Ștaif

Strada Matei Corvin 4, Timișoara

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Gratarul cu Staif ofera servicii de cathering pentru petreceri private si evenimente speciale. Este ziua ta si vrei sa le oferi colegilor de serviciu sau prietenilor o experienta culinara deosebita. Vrei oferi o cina angajatilor sau colaboratorilor tai? Nimic mai simplu! Contacteaza-ne si iti garantam o experienta culinara deoasebita.

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Cristian Voina
15 octombrie 2017 17:27

Best ribs in town. Amazing food.
As a suggestion, call ahead of time if you want to order ribs so they will be done until you get there.
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George Ionescu
15 octombrie 2017 17:25

Very bad experience....Today... The first time here...And last time....
Waited 2 hours for a chicken salad and a pork barbecue. We got our food after some other guys who came later than us.... This means knowing tge waitress in person. Who by the way is always pissed off...Do not choose the place if you are hungry...
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Ramona Macavei
26 octombrie 2017 08:16

Ribs look good, but the burgers need some more work. Appreciate the fact they have real potates, not frozen ones.
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Razvan Tudosa
29 august 2017 13:09

Food was quite good but a bit too salty. I've tried here the Juicy Lucy and I would recommend it. Also tasted the Ribs with mustard and were really good.
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Iulian Ghinia
13 noiembrie 2017 19:38

Great food. Quiet and comfortable. Friendly staff.
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