Grătarul cu Ștaif

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Strada Matei Corvin 4, Timișoara

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Gratarul cu Staif ofera servicii de cathering pentru petreceri private si evenimente speciale. Este ziua ta si vrei sa le oferi colegilor de serviciu sau prietenilor o experienta culinara deosebita. Vrei oferi o cina angajatilor sau colaboratorilor tai? Nimic mai simplu! Contacteaza-ne si iti garantam o experienta culinara deoasebita.

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A Alina
15 februarie 2018 12:12 Rezervat în data de 14 februarie 2018 prin

- Atmosfera placuta;
- chelnerita foarte draguta;
-Am comandat coaste in sos bbk si au fost delicioase.
A fost o experienta placuta.

A Alexandra
8 ianuarie 2018 11:51 Rezervat în data de 6 ianuarie 2018 prin

Mancarea este extraordinara, iar chelnerul nostru exceptional!

Jess J
3 martie 2018 18:17

I can confirm that the ribs are excellent! The service was very fast, the waiters are nice, and the place looks awesome and has a good atmosphere.This is my go-to place from now on for ribs. No negative side for now, but maybe make reservations if you want to visit on weekends.
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Restivan Darius
3 iunie 2018 18:01

Best burger i've had! The one in the picture is called "Juicy Lucy" (Lucy is probably the name of the cow)
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Alexandru Onea
16 mai 2018 22:46

Excellent food and a very intriguing place. The service was as expected. Totally recommend the ribs. If you are into cheese, try the grilled Halloumi.
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Danut Romanu
6 aprilie 2018 19:53

The place to go for the best chicken wings in town, more specifically the barbecue glazed ones. Other dishes such as ribs or burgers are also tasty, but for me not the best as there are other better options in the vicinity.
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Diana Stroescu
18 aprilie 2018 19:59

Great BBQ ribs and very friendly staff! Plus they do home deliveries so that's always a plus! My first choice when I'm in the mood for ribs.
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