Enoteca Amphora

Strada Hector 4, Timișoara
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Restaurantul Enoteca Amphora îmbină tradiția cu contemporanul, clasicul cu inovația, arta gastronomiei cu savoarea unui pahar cu vin spectaculos. Un spațiu relaxant și primitor, fie că este vorba despre o întâlnire de afaceri, o ieșire la masă cu prietenii sau familia, un eveniment corporate sau o petrecere privată.

Preparatele gastronomice, pregătite numai cu ingrediente de calitate, atent alese, învăluite în parfumul îmbietor al condimentelor deosebite, vinurile premiate, provenite de la cele mai importante crame din România și Europa, compun toate o atmosferă care te îmbie să te bucuri pe îndelete de toate bunătățile ce le oferă restaurantul Amphora. Pe scurt, propunem o experiență completă oferita celor care, ca și noi, știu să se bucure de ceea ce ne oferă viața mai frumos, celor care au înțeles “savoir vivre”!

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Viorel Gligor
16 ianuarie 2018 16:38

Good food, nice restaurant. Fish was a little overcooked for my taste, but nicely assorted and presented. Excellent soup. Prices are on the high side for Romania, but not exaggerated. There was an issue with the POS, no card payment was possible, but they offered a 15% discount for the trouble. All in all a very nice experience, highly recommended.
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Adrian Stiniguta
4 februarie 2018 20:08

Visited February 1, 2017. There were only 2 tables occupied in the whole restaurant. The wait for the food was terrible . We waited about 1 hour for 2 salads, 1 portion of bruschetti, 1 portion of mussels and some vegetables with grilled chicken breast. The food was disappointing, especially the chicken and the mussels. Dry chicken over salted with cold vegetables. Then, the mussels... They were mostly empty and it was a small portion (the strong point were the 5 bread slices accompanying them. They were not toasted, though). The other dishes were pretty OK.
Getting back to the wait, I can't imagine what it's like during summer when people go out more... and tourists are in town.
My advice? Go somewhere else!
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Razia Begum
19 ianuarie 2018 14:11

Over boiled asparagus. Full of water. Sugared pasta sauce. Overpriced prosecco. All in all terrible food, mediocre service
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Viorel Ci
20 mai 2017 07:28

Fancy restaurant with high prices for the area.

I ordered, my girl partner ordered,
We saw the food, had a discussion with the waiter, he tried to tell me that I m stupid and He s smart.
We looked again at the food, paid and left hungry.

Why I gave them one star ? Couse I ordered boar and He brought it bloody. Dry and bloody, kind of hard to make it that bad,

I told to the waiter that I understand He think is smart but I want it well done,
Instead of just taking it and put it more to the grill, ( i didnt expect the cook to be smart and grill it to the point of not having blood but still be soft, as that require cooking skills)
The server prefer to keep arguing with me that I dont know how the Boar gets served, and that He eats the boar rare even He knows that a boar is still a pug and a pig eats rats which carry disease, so I should risk also if He s risking his life couse He ate it like that all his life.

After talking with a wall, i just paid and left hungry, i didnt give him any tip as he pissed me off.

somehow I ate in many other restaurants boar and always was well done cook, probably couse werent as fancy as this one, couse you have to be rich to die from some disease.

One day I ordered boar in Chisinau, on a restaurant on the street, and i told to the young waiter that i want the boar well done, he said ofcourse , we wouldnt give you the boar if is not well cooked. I wish the fancy restaurants would learn something from the cheap restaurants.
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Patkós Csaba
31 decembrie 2016 14:07

Somewhat expensive, but good food.
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