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Strada Targul Pestelui 8, Sibiu
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Mâncare gătită excelent și un meniu variat, o atmosferă plăcută, personal primitor și cald, restaurant à la carte, precum şi o terasă în aer liber.
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10:00 - 23:00


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A Adrian
22 august 2019 22:09 Rezervat în data de 22 august 2019 prin ialoc.ro

Costița de porc este fenomenală. Iar prezentarea pe doc de lemn dă o nota de rustic, specific Sibiului...

L Lucian
14 august 2019 23:03 Rezervat în data de 14 august 2019 prin ialoc.ro

Un restaurant care se respecta pe sine si respecta si clientul.

Valentin Despa
4 septembrie 2019 22:13

Nice location, a bit hidden from the eyes of the tourists roaming in the old city. The prices are rather high and the service just okay. It would not hurt if the staff would greet you first when you enter. It would also be nice to fix toilet door so that can lock it. Overall good but not great.
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Daniel Chang
30 iunie 2019 16:59

It is nice location. Food is good. Price is quite high compared to other country and quality.. it is second time I used this place. The worker here ask you to pay 10 percent extra tip for your receipt. I don't see better service attitude. If you go here, please consider 10percent tip. If you don't, you may offend workers. I bet you have quiet place.
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George Knox
12 august 2019 21:49

We initially wanted to go to Old Lisbon, but we didn’t like how there was no terrace there and the menu said to expect a long waiting time between courses. So we ended up next door at Teatro, which has a charming enclosed outdoor area, a modern Romanian menu and fast service. The mangalitsa pork was tender. We chose a nice dry white wine as well.
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Laura Cioflica
17 iulie 2019 19:51

Well it seems that if you are in a group with more than 12 people you get a menu with 4 dishes and 2 types.
That gorgeous menu was sent in front without prices and then printed out on a piece of paper almost ripped apart.
So pour company politics
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Razvan Panaitescu
15 august 2019 22:53

Service, service and service again. They're customer focused 100%.
The exquisite food quality helps, too. Kudos to their master cook!
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