Strada Targul Pestelui 8, Sibiu

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Mâncare gătită excelent și un meniu variat, o atmosferă plăcută, personal primitor și cald, restaurant à la carte, precum şi o terasă în aer liber.
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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Teatro"

Daniel Chang
30 iunie 2019 16:59

It is nice location. Food is good. Price is quite high compared to other country and quality.. it is second time I used this place. The worker here ask you to pay 10 percent extra tip for your receipt. I don't see better service attitude. If you go here, please consider 10percent tip. If you don't, you may offend workers. I bet you have quiet place.
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loreni baciu
29 martie 2019 08:44

Really nice hotel situated close to the Old center, with a very good restaurant. The room and the bathroom were huge and comfortable. I'd book it again anytime!
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Mihai Târnovan
10 iunie 2019 14:57

I ate 3-4 times at Teatro. The food was hit and miss. The place itself is nice and quiet though.
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Elena Chitoiu
14 februarie 2019 10:43

One of the best restaurants in town. Delicious food, extremely polite staff and a very pleasant atmosphere. Prices are moderate - not the cheapest, neither the most expensive.
Food was brought to us in 10 minutes after ordering, on a Friday evening.
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Alex J.
27 aprilie 2019 11:07

The breakfast was a joke as it was completely picked over with literally nothing to eat. Worse, the staff explained they didn't want to replenish the food for just us when we were in the middle of the window. Also, we were asked to check out early on easter as a favor to them as they would be low on staff to get the room ready for the next guests. Are you kidding me? This is the service industry and we are doing a lot of accommodating. Also, no parking.
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