Restaurant Crinul Alb

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Parcul Traian 31, Oradea

Restaurant Crinul Alb

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Parcul Traian 31, Oradea
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Misiunea noastră este să transformăm orice întâlnire, fie că este vorba de o cină în doi, sau o seară de grup, într-o experiență memorabilă. Pregătim totul în cel mai mic detaliu, astfel încât tu să te simți special de fiecare dată când treci pe la noi. Te așteptăm cu un meniu variat cu fructe de mare, paste, pizza italiană, vinuri alese și deserturi delicioase.

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Luni - Vineri
07:00 - 23:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
09:00 - 23:00


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B Bogdan
4 iulie 2022 08:18 Rezervat în data de 1 iulie 2022

31 decembrie 2021 17:12

2021 Review:

Sadly, my 2nd visit hasn’t been as good as the first, leading to the 5/5 becoming to a 2/5 rating. Main complaints are:
- many of the items in the menu were not available
- the waiter came to us after placing the order saying that items were not available twice
- the drinks were not brought together, but about 10-15 minutes in between
- one of the food items was not what we had ordered
- the waiter was not wearing the sanitary mask properly

Honestly, I really like this restaurant, but this visit was sub-par. I hope that many of the above will be solved until my next visit.

2020 Review:

Great food, great staff, great atmosphere, great value, great... this is simply a great place. A must go to place when you’re in town, especially of you want to try some fine dining and enjoy the nice views of the Criș river.
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28 decembrie 2021 12:45

Delicious food in a cozy restaurant.
Staff is very helpful and the variety of food is pretty good.

I can recommend the salad with crispy chicken.
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22 iunie 2021 18:59

Great view and great food! The service was outstanding. The server was so helpful and kind. I highly recommend!
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5 iulie 2021 15:07

The staff is really friendly and open, they are quite efficient.

The location is awesome, as aside from the inside location, they have a terrace with a view of the river.

Their prices are not too expensive. When we visited, we didn't grab anything to eat, just had some beers. But the foods looked really nice and they even have a 1m pizza for groups.
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10 mai 2022 12:10

Delicious food and elegance taken to a whole new level.Also,this restaurant offers a magnificentview of the Cris river and the prices are very affordable.I would recommend this restaurant for a very cozy dinner or lunch.
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