Pizzeria Napoletana L'Autentica

Preț Moderat
Aleea Ștrandului 14, Oradea

Pizzeria Napoletana L'Autentica

Preț Moderat
Aleea Ștrandului 14, Oradea
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Pizza Napoletană. La Cuptor cu Lemne. Cu Maia Naturală.

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Marți - Duminică
11:00 - 22:00


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11 februarie 2024 20:43

Top 3 pizza restaurants in town.
Highly recommended to try the pizza from this place.
With a retro vibe straight from the XX century, you won't fain if you choose to eat a pizza from here.
Bufala pizza and cotto were delicious.
Next time, a tiramisu is mandatory.
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20 august 2023 02:09

Delicious pizza in a cozy atmosphere. This pizzeria is located in a beautiful old house on the corner of the park.

There's a good variety of pizzas to choose from and the menu is split between classics, reds (with tomato sauce), whites (without tomato sauce), and specials.

They also serve craft beers but availability varies with supply.
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3 iunie 2023 16:09

Decent pizza. The dough is not something amazing, it doesn't have a fermented taste. It was well baked. The ingredients are of decent quality.

It took very long to bring our pizzas, about 35 minutes.

I asked the waitress to replace an item on my pizza and they did, nice of them.
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9 decembrie 2022 12:43

A great spot. The pizzas were perfect- exactly Neopolitan style with very soft, puffy crusts and wet centres. Very varied choices without going too off piste. My husband was VERY happy.
It's a huge, quiet place with simple decor but nice for a casual meal. The waitress who served us was really lovely.
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16 septembrie 2022 15:01

The pizza was good, I ordered a Margherita. There are no five stars because there was too much oil on top of the pizza. I had to get it out manualy, but still could feel the taste… too much. If they work at the composition of the dough, make it a bit softer and fuller, that could easily result in an excelent Napoletan style pizza.
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