Restaurant Panoramic

Strada Piaţa Unirii 5, Iași

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Restaurantul Panoramic reprezintă o atracție turistică în sine. Situat la etajul 13, la o inălțime de 55 de metri, este unicul loc de unde poate fi admirată panorama încântătoare a Iașiului. Restaurantul Panoramic este locația perfectă unde puteți savura un prânz de afaceri sau o cină romantică. Restaurantul are o capacitate de 120 de locuri și reprezintă un cadru excelent pentru evenimente mondene, nunți și petreceri de botez, banchete sau aniversări.

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Luni - Duminică
12:00 - 23:00


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10 septembrie 2020 18:49

High class restaurant, serving, location
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6 octombrie 2020 21:28

As of recently, only serves hotel clients. Too bad. It is a fancy place with great food.
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2 ianuarie 2020 21:36

The place is fantastic! Good food, good music, professional and attentive service. If I can give a suggestion to the Chef would be to add more sauce options for the steaks like peppercorn sauce or bernaise sauce. It will add more value to the steaks and satisfy different customers tastes. At the end, a great experience! We'll return for sure!
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9 februarie 2020 01:32

Food quality was good - 4*
Service unfortunately on a low level 2*
Prices in the upper range 3*
The view over the city 5*
The e-piano players music was way too loud and very annoying - we ask if it would be possible to lower the volume a bit so we could talk to each other without screaming... - no one cared 🙈 0*
The cashier could NOT split the bill in the system... 0*
Conclusion: nice view over the city, that's it - nothing special.
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25 decembrie 2019 14:21

The view is worth checking out. If possible, go to hours where it is not crowded, e.g. early hours of the program, so you can take your pick of the table with the best view. I have no complaints on food, serving time or staff. Prices are a little above average.
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