Il Pellicano

Strada Costache Negruzzi 8, Iași

Il Pellicano

Strada Costache Negruzzi 8, Iași
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Situat în centrul oraşului, „Il Pellicano“ este, de fapt, o mică afacere de familie, pusă pe picioare din pasiunea pentru mâncare şi bucătărie. Aceasta i-a fost inspirată încă din copilărie lui Massimo Amoriello, bucătarul chef, care îşi petrecea timpul liber învăţând secretele gastronomice specifice ţării în care s-a născut.

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11:00 - 23:00


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10 iulie 2021 16:55

It's actually the Lavric B&B. I loved the floor tiles, the room was incredibly spacious and the breakfast room was quite beautiful, but the bed kept squeaking every time I moved and not all the sockets worked. The breakfast was almost pitiful, with very little bread. The coffee was good, though, and I found the staff quite helpful.
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1 februarie 2020 21:58

Me and my wife arrived there at 7.25 PM, and my parents - at 7.30 PM. They took our order around 7.50 PM - so 20 minutes we waited from the start.

Me and my wife ordered soup and second course. My parents - second course and dessert. Also, we're ordered some wine.

The wine came at about 8.05.

They brought us the soup, along with the second course for my parents, at 8.25. One hour had passed since we came.

We finished our first courses at about 8.45.

Another 15 minutes lasted until they came to take our dishes, and yet another 10 until they brought us the final courses.

I have to mention that, all this time, no one mentioned nothing about being late. I asked once if they were crowded, since they told us in the beginning that they didn't have much space. They told us that they did have many delivery orders. But no apologies whatsoever.

In the end, we had to insist some more for the check to come.

I asked them why they hadn't warned us from the beginning that they would be so late. Their apology was that there were clients that came after were had made the reservation, but before we came, so they had priority.

On our way out, we saw a big table with 10 or 12 young persons that looked very well dressed, like rich people. They were not there when were had arrived. They were loud and looked like they were familiar with the place.

Even though the food was very good - and also expensive enough -, it was our first and last time we came here. We strongly recommend against it.
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6 iunie 2018 09:21

This is the place where you can eat great Italian dishes. The Rose wine is absolutely great and the staff is very friendly. This is the place where you can enjoy a tasty quattro formaggi pizza or a spicy dish of Pasta cooked in the oven. The music is Italian and there are photos with actors eating Italian food all over the exterior walls.
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26 iunie 2017 13:53

We ordered (by catering) a Caprese salad and a Foccacia - this is what we get instead. I wish I could give them minus 50 stars
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23 ianuarie 2022 21:05

The food is 5 stars. The chef knows his business, for sure. The newly-hired waiter made some typical rookie mistakes (not knowing, for example, if focaccia is on the menu and what kind of focaccia), but the food still warrants a 5-star rating. However, if the owner reads this: the customer should not hear “I recently started working here, I don’t know”. At least, the rookie waiter should always say “let me check on that; I’ll be right back”.
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