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Strada Napoca 16, Cluj

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E vechi și nou, e plin de culoare, e aroma cafelei tale, e cu multă savoare, e cu bunătățuri la mic dejun, la prânz și la cină, e cu dichis, e în mijlocul orașului, e cu freamăt de jazz, e cu voie bună, e pentru mine, e pentru tine, e pentru noi.

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 00:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
11:00 - 00:00


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M Mihai
7 noiembrie 2016 19:03 Rezervat în data de 5 noiembrie 2016 prin

Un local superb. Ambientul, mancarea, servirea, preturile bune, toate la un loc inseamna o experienta faina.
Recomand maxim Supa de pasula cu ciont. Atat prezentarea cat si gustul sunt excelente. Prea bun, prea ca la tara... :)

Johnny Bee
25 septembrie 2018 20:13

We were pleasantly surprised by this restaurant. We went one day and then came back for more the following one. We tried multiple dishes and desserts and they were all delicious and with a very homemade taste. We tried the cheese and bacon layered polenta, the traditional stew with polenta, grilled chicken breast with spinach and garlicky green beans and they were all true to how they are being cooked in Romanian kitchens.

The staff was nice every time and the place has a modern look with a traditional twist (with kettles of all sorts and painted pottery), giving it a cozy vibe.
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Carmen Pavel
26 iunie 2018 16:02

Very nice atmosphere, very friendly and efficient staff. The goulash guides raved about was a bit surprising, though. The meat is tender and tasty, but they seem to forget it’s basically a stew, so in their attempt to make it modern and probably urban, the potatoes come as a side dish, a little tasteless and sad, making the bread they provide with the dish a little redundant.
The dish it was served in was also a combination between a bowl and a plate, hard to rest the knife on, but maybe I need to brush up on my table manners.
The menu is meant to be in “traditional language”, but makes it hard to read if you are not familiar with the regional words. (Maybe it’s target are not tourists, though).
Leaving it with a few mixed feelings, but the foodie in me can see the charm of bringing a date to this cozy, well behaved place.
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Tina Remiz
7 septembrie 2018 16:34

Good selection of local and international food, pleasant atmosphere. The service was a bit slow, but a good choice for lunch or dinner if you are not in a hurry.
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Oxana Greadcenco
19 septembrie 2018 23:32

Loved the cozy atmosphere and how they reinvented Romanian old design. Everything I tried was delicious, that was I visited the restaurant twice in my 3 days stay in Cluj :D They have amazing breakfast and good thee. It was my first “Varza de Cluj” and I liked. The dessert was yummy
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29 martie 2018 00:25

Delicious Romanian cuisine. (My Romanian girlfriend confirms)
A very nice and chatty atmosphere. The waitress was very nice and even tho she had a little trouble helping all the guests in English, she tried her best to explain and play the local guide to customers. The price was also very good. We good full with only 60 lei/Ron. We would come again.
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