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Strada Napoca 16, Cluj
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E vechi și nou, e plin de culoare, e aroma cafelei tale, e cu multă savoare, e cu bunătățuri la mic dejun, la prânz și la cină, e cu dichis, e în mijlocul orașului, e cu freamăt de jazz, e cu voie bună, e pentru mine, e pentru tine, e pentru noi.

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 00:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
11:00 - 00:00


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M Mihai
7 noiembrie 2016 19:03 Rezervat în data de 5 noiembrie 2016 prin

Un local superb. Ambientul, mancarea, servirea, preturile bune, toate la un loc inseamna o experienta faina.
Recomand maxim Supa de pasula cu ciont. Atat prezentarea cat si gustul sunt excelente. Prea bun, prea ca la tara... :)

andrei vacaru
5 august 2019 11:43

You don't know what to expect when you see the place from outside. You get in right from the noise of street into a place like an oasis. They could serve any food here but they chose to serve traditional dishes. We were happy with their choice and ours, because and all we had was very, very tasty.
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Norbert Toth-Gati
15 iunie 2019 09:44

Great atmosphere and nice place. Very good menu. Tasty local food. In summer a perfect place for a cold getaway. Definitely worth the visit.

Staff can be more engaging and client oriented to get the 5star.
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anze videnic
29 iulie 2019 15:40

Food feels quite authentic, is nice and medium priced. Service is very good, with English menus available. They also have very very good coffee. One should definitely stop by if in the neighbourhood.
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Estera Racatean
3 iunie 2019 12:12

My favorite place in town.
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Patricia Iacob
4 iunie 2019 01:15

Disappointment. Went with pretty high expectations which quickly plummeted from the moment I reserved the table. The staff was so disengaged, to the point I felt I was bothering them with my request to book a table. At dinner I stopped after the soup, which was OK but nothing special. It tasted like any cabbage soup you'd have in an average to decent restaurant around. Things have changed a lot since they have opened. And not for the better. An extra sauce I asked was incredibly tiny, just two spoons, the polenta is also very small and they have only one house wine by glass... The decor is nice, tasteful, however not the food. Let alone the staff's attitude, which borders boredom at best. Too bad I was with a foreign friend whom I wanted to introduce to Romanian dishes. Not the best choice...
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