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Str Bocskai Istvan 2, Cluj

Rezervă gratuit o masă la Toha

Principala caracteristica pe care ne axam este oferirea de produse la o calitate superioara.
Elementele care duc la indeplinirea acestui fapt sunt:
- ingrediente de calitate premium
- propria reteta de blat pentru pizza si de sosuri
- cuptorul pe lemne
- bucatar cu o experienta de peste 12 ani in domeniul gastronomic

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4,3 / 1 vot
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H Hajna
28 mai 2017 23:53 Rezervat în data de 27 mai 2017

14 martie 2019 14:03

We ordered today for lunch with my colleagues from work. Half of the food was missing, we received someone else’s package. The food looked awful and it is quite expensive. None of the 5 people who ordered was satisfied. It was our first time trying Toha but unfortunately they made sure to be the last. When eventually after 2 hours we received the rest of the order, i showed the delivery guy how my food looked like and asked him if he would like to eat that based on how the food looked. He was arrogant and told me that that is how they cook it and if I font like it I shouldn’t order anymore. Perfect customer service. You just lost 5 possible clients.
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26 august 2019 21:16

They twice delivered me 2 cold pizzas after they were 30 minutes late considering their estimated delivery time and when I asked for a reason why this just happened they just told me that is due to the fact that there are too many orders. So I would suggest you to think twice before ordering again from TOHA
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18 martie 2017 13:38

Great food great drinks, affordable prices. Cosy atmosphere very friendly place and quiet not too busy. Staff is great also. RECOMMENDED :)
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17 decembrie 2017 19:54

it passed 3 and a half hour and i still haven't got my food. they don't respond on Facebook and their phone is turned off.

later on i managed to get in contact with them and they were really supportive and helpful
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17 septembrie 2019 19:29

Friendly people and place
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