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Piata Unirii 25, Cluj
The Shelter nu acceptă rezervări online prin
The Shelter nu acceptă rezervări online prin

The Shelter (ex-Gambrinus Pub) adăposteşte muzica live de calitate, versatilitatea genurilor şi atitudinea, transformând fiecare eveniment în provocare. Este harta ta personalizată a vieţii de noapte, locul unde muzica se confruntă cu profesionalismul, bunul gust cu spiritul DIY şi dansatorul cu dansul.

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Marți - Joi
21:00 - 09:00
Vineri - Sâmbătă
21:00 - 18:00


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8 octombrie 2016 07:17

Great place for live music and themed parties, awesome atmosphere. not fancy, don't expect anything. Just have fun and don't mind if sometimes you wait for the drink 2 minutes more, when it's packed, it's crazy ;)
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26 mai 2016 15:03

Could be better. Some parties are good, college folk likes to hang out a lot here. -1 star for lack of hygiene, especially the bathrooms are terrible. -2 stars because of the bodyguards that act like aggressive gorillas, more often then not they end up beating someone just for fun.
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5 aprilie 2017 23:36

There's quite a variety of underground concerts in this venues which is one of its pluses. However, you should not expect much from the venue, it looks like a dive and the drinks aren't the best out there (don't go for wine, you will regret it the next day). All in all, if you're not looking for a fancy place but rather for a place with good live music and nice parties (without the typical commercial club music) it's a good pick.
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31 martie 2017 08:48

Good place to go, need to be drunk before entering. Tweeters just destroyed my mood. Nobody was attending the music. That was lame.
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28 decembrie 2016 09:28

Nice small club. Great underground concerts.
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