Restaurant Vila Tușa

Strada Liviu Rusu 1, Cluj
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Restaurant Vila Tusa va ofera o selectie de preparate inspirate atat din bucataria traditionala cat si din bucataria internationala.

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7 septembrie 2019 20:36

Nice place and good food.Will definitely go back
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Andrei Torok
2 august 2019 16:08

Very dissapointed , I've been there waiting for 45 min and nobody gave us a menu , we ask for order and they said to wait, they had only 3 table , unprofessional
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Lasca Lavinia
17 martie 2019 18:24

The waiting time was a disaster, the serving was bad, they mixed our order.
An overall really bad experience, I don't recomand it! The food wasn`t bad though
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Raul-David Lenart
8 martie 2018 06:36

Even if is already familiar to me, something has changed in the last 2 months, and it's about taste, aspect and menu. Last year each plate had a gorgeous taste starting from fish and going to crisps... now there is no plating and no taste, and I can easily mention the pasta and the pizza... still the place looks very god and the services are on top. Since the 2018 the menu is more limited and the prices had grew a bit. Enjoy it!
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Lucian Rusan
4 noiembrie 2018 20:10

Good food. Nice place for dinner.
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