Restaurant Shanghai

4,5 / 24 voturi
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Chinezească, Americană
Calea Turzii 42, Cluj

Restaurant Shanghai

4,5 / 24 voturi
Preț Accesibil
Chinezească, Americană
Calea Turzii 42, Cluj
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Restaurant chinezesc in Cluj, cu un meniu alcatuit din peste 200 de preparate specific chinezesti gustoase si sanatoase, gatite pe loc din materii prime proaspete. Restaurantul Anului 2009 in Romania (premiu acordat de HRBexpert).

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4,5 / 24 voturi
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15 martie 2021 22:32

The food is really tasty. The waiters are kind, but they seem a bit overwhelmed and have to cover too many tables, so it might take a while until they can take your order. After that, drinks and food are delivered pretty fast. The terrace is decent in the cold season (they have heaters). Will definitely return.
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20 ianuarie 2021 21:26

Good food, great service. The food was a bit too salty for our taste, but otherwise it was tasty. I recommend it.
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30 ianuarie 2021 20:18

The food is very good and the waitress is very kind. I recommend to go and try.
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9 septembrie 2020 16:56

I so wanted for this to be good. Unfortunately the food is everything what American movies portray negatively about it: salty and / or oily and an insult to the Chinese cuisine. Nothing like the real Chinese food which you taste in China, or in best restaurants outside in London or Paris! It’s a shame as the decor, service and ingredients are ok. For the rest... I am hoping that they will somehow bring a real Chinese chef to teach them how to cook. Adding soy sauce to everything, doesn’t make it more “Chinese”!
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7 februarie 2021 21:28

Great staff with great food! Highly recommended!
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