Restaurant Shanghai

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Calea Turzii 42, Cluj

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Restaurant chinezesc in Cluj, cu un meniu alcatuit din peste 200 de preparate specific chinezesti gustoase si sanatoase, gatite pe loc din materii prime proaspete.
Restaurantul Anului 2009 in Romania (premiu acordat de HRBexpert).

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I Ionut
10 iunie 2018 18:57 Rezervat în data de 10 iunie 2018 prin

Destul de neplacuta, dar din partea ialoc. Cei de la restaurant nu stiau de rezervare.

Ramona Dromereschi
14 septembrie 2018 15:04

Good, but I had better Chinese food. They have over 200 items in the menu, but almost all the food seems to taste the same.(we had 3 items) I had soup here too - disappointed: extremely salty and the fish from the soup was fried. The place and the terrace are nice and clean. The people very friendly and nice. The prices are a bit too high without any offer. Keep an eye on their offers(they have many) and the prices will be ok.
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Alexandru Stoiu
23 iulie 2018 17:32

Authentic and real tasting Chinese food. Do not expect the food to taste like in a restaurant from China because it will not. It's way better tasting because they do not use MSG. You can actually taste every ingredient because of this.
I recommend that if you go , tell the waiter what type of meat you prefer and if you like normal or spicy food and he will recommend the best dish.
It's really hard to recommend any dish because I have been eating there for the past 15 or so years and I love everything on the menu.
The chefs are top notch , the waiters are experienced and well mannered , they will serve you properly.
While the prices seem high, you can order 1 or 2 dishes and that will feed at least 2-4 people.
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João Magalhães
22 august 2018 22:02

Great place the get some chinese food! The restaurant is very welcoming but when we got there we were lucky because they usually require a reservation prior. The food is very tasty and they have a huge menu. The prices are not that high but there are also daily options available with soup and main course for a cheaper price.
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Vlad Neculicioiu
17 august 2018 14:27

They always have good food. The daily menu is especially good and at a fair price.
The place is easily accessible by car or public transport.
They have a lot of special offers for birthdays and such
Can not recommend it enough.
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Gabriela Burcoveanu
30 iulie 2018 18:46

The most beautifully designed garden. The food was delicious and the staff very attentive. Not too expensive. I would definitely recommend.
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