Restaurant Shanghai

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Calea Turzii 42, Cluj
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Restaurant chinezesc in Cluj, cu un meniu alcatuit din peste 200 de preparate specific chinezesti gustoase si sanatoase, gatite pe loc din materii prime proaspete.
Restaurantul Anului 2009 in Romania (premiu acordat de HRBexpert).

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L Lucian
13 noiembrie 2018 08:45 Rezervat în data de 12 noiembrie 2018 prin

The serving was really nice but the food could've been better.

I Ionut
10 iunie 2018 18:57 Rezervat în data de 10 iunie 2018 prin

Destul de neplacuta, dar din partea ialoc. Cei de la restaurant nu stiau de rezervare.

22 iunie 2019 08:54

One of the best restaurants in Cluj. The food is amazing but the waiting time for ordering is a little long. One of the waiters was a little rude (he was free and we asked him when will somebody come to take the order and he said that one of his colleagues will come, while he was free...) Overall, I feel like in China there. Amazing restaurant!
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Teodora Marginas
21 aprilie 2019 17:24

It's a good place if you wanna try the Chinese food. The atmosphere is nice, the food is something you should really try even if you're not familiar with the asiatic cuisine. The staff is very friendly and I always had an amazing experience when I ate there. They also have some good offers if you're married or it's your birthday so you have no real reason to wait to visit the place.
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Raul Baica
21 iulie 2019 01:12

Great food , nice people
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Stylo Bic
5 iulie 2019 19:11

Not the best asian food i ever tasted, but worth a go time to time. Quiet place and big portions..
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George M.
23 iunie 2019 15:13

Huge portions and not too expensive for how much you get.
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