Str. Pasteur Louis 56, Cluj

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Rezervă gratuit la Perla

Va oferim ingrediente alese, Pentru ca ne respectam clientii, pentru ca suntem profesionisti si pentru ca suntem de parere ca meritati ce este mai bun, alegem cele mai bune ingrediente pentru retetele noastre.

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Luni - Joi
10:00 - 20:00
Vineri - Duminică
10:00 - 18:00


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6 iulie 2020 13:33

One of our favourite local restaurant, very good food, prepared on spot. The place is cute and the staff are friendly. It would be nice if people stopped smoking inside.
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9 martie 2021 10:07

Decent food at low prices
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2 martie 2018 13:08

Low prices. Great food.
There is a separate room for smokers.
Great variety of drinks (coffee, beer, wine...)
The waiters were very friendly.
Great also for large groups.
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20 septembrie 2019 13:00

They have the best soups you can have.
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24 mai 2018 21:50

The place offers great prices along with very advantageous happy hour offers for lunch menus.
The food offering is broad but, the cuisine is not stellar, it's decent, some dishes are better.
The music is just the random radio or TV boring and annoying hits.
The service is also not too sharp, they sometimes make mistakes or miss your order altogether.
I'm rating 4 stars mostly because of the price, I'm considering it to be a decent neighborhood restaurant. You can smoke in one partially open room. It's not my thing but I though why not mention it.
The food can be dry at times, but it's still better than some other options.
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