Nuka Bistro

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Piata Unirii 16, Cluj
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In piata Unirii, pana sa ajungi la miez, treci de 5 localuri si cateva terase. Apoi te opresti in fata unui loc cu usile mari larg deschise, ce varsa afara un vals electric incalzit intr-o lumina primitoare si aurie.

Nuka Bistro isi pune mana pe inima si inima pe masa: aici esti primit cu prietenie si gasesti intotdeauna un motiv sa stai mai mult decat ti-ai propus. Poate vrei sa citesti din cartile expuse, vei fi tentat de cea mai intaritoare cafea din oras, de un rose nobil, prezentat impecabil langa o farfurie cu ceva ce n-ai mai gustat din copilarie, vei visa langa o portie de lapte de pasare sau te vei imprieteni cu cineva de-al casei.

Bine ai venit. Si bine vei reveni.

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Deni Deni
7 martie 2018 13:42

Very good food.
Risotto it's perfect! Tiramisu (creamy) and coffee as well. Also the waitress very friendly and mannered. Definitely recommend! Great experience!
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Anca M
25 februarie 2018 06:52

Good quality food and very tasty in a cosy casual atmosphere. They could really add more vegan/ vegetarian options to the menu as I am sure they would make the dishes taste amazing. I would say the prices are decent, considering the location, the food quality and service.
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Lexi Berindean
3 februarie 2018 11:30

Look wise, it's beautiful, really chic and attracts a young crowd. However, I wouldn't recommend it as a restaurant. The food is quite expensive, and nothing special or particularly tasty. The drinks are really good, especially the Hugo, which I thought was a standout. Also, the food took quite a bit to come, but the overall service was nice and the waiters were helpful.
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Zlatko Đurić
22 ianuarie 2018 09:35

Cozy place with some good food. Actually, the food was amazingly good, but the servings are a bit small. Plus, there can be a bit of a wait. Nevertheless, I'd recommend this place.
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florin pop
25 februarie 2018 22:49

It's windy by the door. In summertime must be nice... but in winter not
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