Nuka Bistro

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Piata Unirii 16, Cluj
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In piata Unirii, pana sa ajungi la miez, treci de 5 localuri si cateva terase. Apoi te opresti in fata unui loc cu usile mari larg deschise, ce varsa afara un vals electric incalzit intr-o lumina primitoare si aurie.

Nuka Bistro isi pune mana pe inima si inima pe masa: aici esti primit cu prietenie si gasesti intotdeauna un motiv sa stai mai mult decat ti-ai propus. Poate vrei sa citesti din cartile expuse, vei fi tentat de cea mai intaritoare cafea din oras, de un rose nobil, prezentat impecabil langa o farfurie cu ceva ce n-ai mai gustat din copilarie, vei visa langa o portie de lapte de pasare sau te vei imprieteni cu cineva de-al casei.

Bine ai venit. Si bine vei reveni.

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Iulian Stoicescu
4 august 2018 14:31

Very good food, well plated, nice serving. They offered me a table inside after the rain has started. The place is a bit hip, but due to it's central location it's understandable. .
The menu offers a lot of choices, local cuisine mainly, but also some Italian dishes.
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Onisor Miholca
21 august 2018 23:58

I was there couple months ago, I've ordered mangalita steak, it was divine, so delicious. I couldn't wait to return to order the same dish again, you probably know that moment when you go back to the same restaurant, order the same dish and the taste is not like last time, that is what happened to me. I didn't like it this time, maybe it was different chef or it was a different part of meat, or the meat was not fresh.
Other than that, everything was ok.
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Phouxee Star
27 mai 2018 16:22

Amazing location, great hospitable personal, delicious options for every meal at affordable prices. Eating breakfast or an early lunch here is one of the most relaxing experiences of my life. Enjoying the view on the terrace or the atmosphere inside are both amazing options and offer the best experience for the start, middle or end of your Cluj trip. Highly recommended!
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Gabriela Bozbici
21 iunie 2018 12:31

Nice coffee, but does not stand out. The order took a bit more than I expected to arrive. The pricea from the menu are above average for the city but there is not much that catches your eyes.
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Tamar Katzenstein
10 august 2018 16:21

Excellent food with great location. The staff very nice with patient to foreigners.
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