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Nuka Bistro

4,4 / 2 voturi
Piata Unirii 16, Cluj
Nuka Bistro nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Nuka Bistro nu acceptă rezervări online prin
In piata Unirii, pana sa ajungi la miez, treci de 5 localuri si cateva terase. Apoi te opresti in fata unui loc cu usile mari larg deschise, ce varsa afara un vals electric incalzit intr-o lumina primitoare si aurie.

Nuka Bistro isi pune mana pe inima si inima pe masa: aici esti primit cu prietenie si gasesti intotdeauna un motiv sa stai mai mult decat ti-ai propus. Poate vrei sa citesti din cartile expuse, vei fi tentat de cea mai intaritoare cafea din oras, de un rose nobil, prezentat impecabil langa o farfurie cu ceva ce n-ai mai gustat din copilarie, vei visa langa o portie de lapte de pasare sau te vei imprieteni cu cineva de-al casei.

Bine ai venit. Si bine vei reveni.

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4,4 / 2 voturi
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F Florin
11 mai 2018 10:00 Rezervat în data de 10 mai 2018

L Leonard
17 martie 2018 01:31 Rezervat în data de 16 martie 2018

12 martie 2020 20:29

This place is amazing! I've went on a mini-break with my boyfriend and stayed in Cluj for a couple of days. This is the second time we have visited this city together. This location was just idealistic for us. Food was sensational and the staff were very welcoming and had excellent costumer service. Lucian was the waiter that attended us, and I just have to say he was very helpful and very polite.
If you are in the area and you're not sure were to go, this restaurant is an excellent choice! We will definitely go back soon!
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2 februarie 2020 11:14

A very nice restaurant, we only had breakfast here, but it was totally amazing. Staff was very friendly and fast. Food was delicious and the place is very, very cosy. Totally recommend it!
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3 iunie 2019 22:11

Unbelievably nice restaurant!!

Nice location, tasty food, homely atmosphere, friendly staffs, reasonable price.

This restaurant located in Piata Unirii, Cluj Napoca which is the central part of this beautiful city and easy to find.

The seafood Paella is amazing!! We come to România 9 days, this is the best ever. All the seafood is very fresh and tasty. This dish tastes very natural and all the ingredients going so well together. Amazing dish! Even better than some famous restaurants.

Anyway, we really enjoy our time here! Highly recommend!
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15 noiembrie 2018 15:48

I love this place! Been here a couple times and the food is so delicious and the place feels cozy and really comfortable. I really reccomend the hummus it's the best I've ever had.
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10 februarie 2020 22:48

Delicious food, friendly staff, nice interior, good location, amazing waiting time for food, unfortunately not big menu.
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